Friday, August 12, 2011


Most of the time, I have to force Callie to have her picture taken and there is rarely a smile to go with it.  But for some reason today, as I was walking around the house taking pictures of furniture that we'll be selling, Callie started pestering me to take her picture.

Over and over she kept saying, "Tate my pitcher Mommy, tate MY pitcher!"  

Alright little Miss cuteness, I'll take your picture.

So she promptly lay down on the floor and gave me this face:

As soon as I had snapped the photo, she started yelling, "MORE!  More pitchers Mommy!"

So we took a few more, just for good measure.

I mean, really... who could resist?

As soon as we had finished taking several pictures, she proclaimed "Dood job Mommy" (translated, Good job Mommy) and left the room.

What a stinker :)


Annette said...

She's getting ready for pictures tonight.

Nini said...

She is SO, SO, SO, SO cute! I love her face, her smiles, her hair, her happy heart! And the family portraits you had done were SO great!!

Melissa Ens said...

Oh, so cute!!! : ) Somehow I didn't realize you were still blogging over here! Skipped around, caught up a little and see Callie is allergic to nuts??? Crazy! What a bummer... But she is still super cute anyway. ;)

Trev and Rebekah said...

So cute. There was a time my son hated pictures and I had to bribe him to sit for one and even smile. Now he loves to try to pose as a rock star and in all sorts of funny poses. It's cute.

And happy belated anniversary. How did you celebrate?

Jen Glen said...

Her hair's getting so long, I can't believe it! To me, those pics are all a little cute Jon with long hair!! :)

The Doerksen's said...

Jen, Jon was not cute with long hair....someday I can show you proof:0) But Callie has a LOT of her mom in her and so a VERY good combination of cuteness....from one proud auntie to another. Hope you are doing well Jen, looking forward to seeing the cuteness that's being created in you. All the best.