Saturday, April 25, 2009

Time for an update... (*revised)

The weeks continue to fly by and blogging always seems to take the back seat.  Part of that is because I never seem to take pictures anymore, and posts are always more interesting with pictures.  But part of it is also because I feel like a bit of a broken record with how "typical" things in life are right now.  Nonetheless, some of you are probably wondering how things are going so here's a brief little update on us.

In the way of my pregnancy, things are going well.  We started prenatal classes this last Thursday and will continue to go every Thursday night, from 7-9:00pm, for the the next 4 weeks.  To be totally honest, neither Jon or I were all that excited about starting the class, but after the first week, it proved that it will be worthwhile, and not as boring as we had feared it might be.  Plus, we have a pretty interesting group of people in the class and are sure to be somewhat 'entertained' for the next few weeks :)

This Monday afternoon will be our last "viewing" of baby until we actually meet him/her in real life (which seems CRAAAZY to me--- where has the time gone!?).  We go for our 32 week ultrasound and are hoping for a much more peaceful experience than last time.  I've been thinking a lot about how different "little kicker" will look this time, compared to their size at 18 weeks.  We're definitely looking forward to Monday's appointment.
The nursery hasn't changed all that much in the last few weeks/months, since we got the crib set up.  My energy level has deteriorated quite a bit lately and even though I've had ideas rolling around inside of my head, I haven't really put many of them into practice yet.  I'm told that I will get a "burst of energy" near the end, so I'm hoping that my motivation will kick in soon and I can put the finishing touches on the room.  I picked up a few small canvases that I plan to paint to match the bedding, and got some floating shelves too.  We'll see how the completed project turns out.
We finally purchased our stroller/car seat a few weeks ago.  Its been sitting in our dining/living room, and I must admit, I've considered "borrowing" our nephew Calvin for an afternoon, just to have an excuse to try it out.  It seems to tempt me, every time I look at it :)  Guess I'll be using it soon enough.


As for work, the countdown is on!  I have to work a full week at the beginning of May but then I'm back to my Wed.-Fri. schedule until I start mat leave.  That means I officially have another 17 working days left!  The end is in sight.

The only other big event as of late, has been a change in Jon.  He's taken on the look of half man, half chipmunk :)  Yesterday was surgery day, as he had all 4 of his wisdom teeth removed at the specialist's.  They put him under for the surgery so thankfully, he didn't have to worry about a thing during the procedure.  But it will definitely be a few more days before he's feeling good again.  I've spent the weekend nursing him back to health and I must say, he's been a real trooper through this.  Its been easy to care for him and his appreciation for all the milkshakes, medicine rounds, and sympathy, has really made me smile.  I had all 4 of mine removed shortly after moving to Chilliwack 5 years ago, so I can definitely relate to the pain he's in.  Hopefully he'll be back to his old self soon!

Well, that's all for now.  I'll be sure to post pictures of the baby after Monday's ultrasound and possibly an 8 month belly shot too, for those of you that care to see them.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend and all the sunshine we've been getting (at least for all of you BC'ers)! 

Tuesday, April 28--
32 weeks
Well... sorry to report but we didn't get any pictures of the bambino at yesterday's ultrasound appointment.  There's a whole lot of baby in there and not a lot of extra space so it was tough for them to get any actual "take home shots."  We did get to see some good views of the baby though and I was thrilled to see that he/she still has the same cute little turned up nose!  It was crazy to see how huge the baby was this time compared to 18 weeks, and even scarier to think of how much bigger he/she will get in the next 8 or so weeks :)  
They didn't let us know anything in regards to my placenta (which was the whole reason for the ultrasound) so I guess we'll wait to hear from our doctor.  My next prenatal appt. is on May 12 so I assume that unless there was any bad/concerning news from the u/s, we probably won't hear anything until then.  So for now, I'll just assume that no news, is good news :)  

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter and week #30...

It was another busy, but good Easter weekend.  We had a beautiful & reflective service at church on Good Friday, spent the afternoon helping my parents with some reno's at their new place (...more on that later) and ended the day with dessert and games at my Mom & Dad's place.  Saturday was our day to get some stuff done around the house and then we headed out to Jon's parents' farm for the annual Easter egg hunt and a family dinner.  Its always a ton of fun watching the kids' excitement as they run around the yard, searching for their Easter treats.  While we were at the farm, we got Naomi & Susanne to take a few pictures of us, before the little one arrives.  Here are a few of my favorites...

Jon found an old pitch fork near the barn and insisted that we pose like "the famous old couple."  Some of you may know what I mean by that, based on the picture below... :)  

And a few good shots too...

(Doesn't it look like I have a basketball under my shirt!?  I don't realize how "round" I'm actually looking these days, until I see pictures of myself.  Sheesh!)

Anyway... Sunday was the big Esau gathering at Grandma & Grandpa's.  We ate a huge meal and though I did help myself to "seconds," AND dessert, I will confess that I was still hungry at the end of it all :)  I'm hoping my appetite will start to slow down now that I'm nearing the end.  I mean, surely I'm going to run out of room sooner or later.  Right??

And last but not least, an official 30 week pregnancy picture for those of you who have been curious about my recent growth.  I feel like the belly expansion has slowed down a bit, but I know in reality, I'm still growing daily :)
 The only other exciting news I have is that we are going to get to see U2 again in concert.  They're coming to Vancouver in October and Naomi managed to get tickets for all of us siblings.  So we're going to have a "couples night out" this fall and are all VERY excited about it.  Jon and I got to see them in 2005 when they were here for their "Vertigo" tour.  I never thought we'd get to see them again so soon!  Dare I say it, but we can't wait for fall to arrive!  :)

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

PLEASE pray!

I'm writing tonight, begging for your prayers.  I can't give any details right now and I hope that you can understand that, but we got some bad news today and are asking for as much prayer as we can get.  Rest assured that Jon, baby and I are fine but our hearts are burdened for a loved one that needs your fervent prayers right now.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.