Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Esau Christmas

December 25, 2006--
Christmas at Jon's parents was quite something this year! Konrad was totally into the whole present thing this year and would have opened every gift in sight if we hadn't kept an eye on him :) It was a lot of fun to get together as a family and exchange gifts, and then spend the day lying around and eating far too much chocolate and other Christmas treats! Mom made a fabulous turkey dinner for supper and it was a perfect way to finish off a great day. Plus it was the 3rd turkey dinner we had had in 3 days...and trust me, that is NOT a bad thing in my eyes!! I could seriously eat turkey and cranberry sauce every day for as long as I live and I don't think I'd ever get sick of it! It was such a treat to get it 3 times this Christmas. I'm just sad that I won't get it again now for a long time.
Anyway...all in all a great Christmas as usual! Hope all of you got to enjoy family and relaxation this Christmas like we was such a blessing!

Naomi was so excited to finally get a digital camera...and Naomi, you know what this means, right!? No more blogger slacking... :) Looking forward to seeing lots of fun pictures!

Jon built a step-stool for Konrad this year so that he'll be able to reach the sink to wash up and brush his teeth...but he decided to just cut everything out and let Konrad help with the was very cool to watch them "build" together...

Konrad was very proud of what "he" built :)

Me & my favorite niece...

All that gift opening sure is tiring...

Sunday, December 24, 2006

A Glen Christmas just isn't a Glen Christmas without Craig & Jen...

Well, this one goes out to my wonderful and much missed brother and sister-in-law, Craig & Jen. Hope you guys are reading this!! :)
Tonight was our Christmas with my parents and sister. We had a scrumptious turkey dinner with all the fixings...but I must admit that it just wasn't the same without Craig & Jen. We sure wish you guys could have been here! It was great to actually have mom & dad out here this year, but it would have been even better to have the whole family together. Hopefully next year!

The gift opening just wasn't the same without your squeals of joy Jen! :)

Talking on the phone to you guys...sniff, sniff :(

Here's Jon and Dad trying to figure out the rules of the game...very deep in thought!

It was a great Christmas though. Dinner was great, the candlelight service at church was very touching, and games at Mom & Dad's afterward were nothing short of entertaining! But we miss you C & J and hope you guys have an awesome Christmas with the Berkan's! We're thinking of you and praying for you! Lots of love.

Christmas with the Esau Clan

We all managed to fit into Grandma & Grandpa's house for a delicious Christmas feast... I believe there was a total of 32 of us...we were only missing 2 this year.

Ava did quite well amongst the chaos...

Konrad just had to help everyone open their gifts...

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Movie Night

Nothing beats a night of pizza, good friends and a movie...

Friday, December 22, 2006

Update of a busy week...

Sorry its been a while since I last posted but this week has been busy enough to make my head spin...literally! So to get you all up to date with us, here's a quick recap and a few pictures for your enjoyment.
Monday night I had my staff Christmas party with the crew at Chilliwack Decorating/Benjamin Moore (--and just to inform those of you that don't already know, I am officially done at Ben.Moore. I will be starting part-time at Precision Building Design Associates as of January 2/07. They are the drafting company that shares office space with us at KC Interior Design. Its going to be busy juggling the work at both design firms but I am super excited about not having to work 2 jobs at 2 different places.)
Then Tuesday night was "random picture extravaganza" night with Jen---SOOO fun! We weren't sure what to do for the evening, so we drove all over Chilliwack taking random pictures. We laughed a LOT!! (*you can also check out her blog for more funny pictures from our night on the town).

Wednesday was a really great night. We, along with the entire Esau extended family, and a few extra family and friends, headed down on a bus tour to Warm Beach, Washington for a lights show. It was IN-CREDIBLE!! Its actually a Bible camp that they transform into a "lights wonderland" in the winter season. It was very impressive and I highly recommend it to all you Lower Mainland people. It was only about a 1 1/2 hour drive and it was well worth it!

Then Thursday was my sister's birthday. We went down to Linden, Washington and had a delicious supper at "The Loft." Then carried on to Bellingham to do some shopping at Bellis Fair. Another great evening! Happy 25th Birthday Viv!!

Tonight I am having movie night with Jen and Laurie; Saturday is the Esau extended family Christmas at Grandma & Grandpa's; Sunday is Christmas with my parents; Monday is Christmas with Jon's parents; and then Boxing day we are having some friends and family over. Sheesh...i am tired just thinking about it all. But I know it is all going to be great, (and has been already) and am looking forward to having a week off work.
So, to end...Merry Christmas to EVERYONE and blessings for the New Year!