Friday, February 26, 2010

The life of a girl...

Today was an exciting day in Callie's journey of being a sweet little girl! We were finally able to "do" her hair! Its teeny tiny, but its there... :)

So here's to a fun new stage of clips, pigtails & girlyness! Just what I've been waiting for ;)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Play date...

Tara & Cooper came over for a little coffee/play date yesterday. Callie was thrilled to have a new friend to play with...

We got such a kick out of watching the two of them interact with each other. I got a little video of them "introducing" themselves...

Monday, February 15, 2010


"a break or interruption in the continuity of a work, series, action, etc."
Certainly a good definition of what's happened with me & my interaction with this blog lately. But I should be able to get back into things now that I've finally checked off one of my main "to-do's" on life's list.

For those that haven't heard yet, Jon and I have decided to take the next step with MBMSI and have been busy trying to complete our application forms for their "Spring Adventure." Its 1 week at the end of April, spent at MBMSI's home base in Abbotsford and is a time of further discerning whether missions is for us or not, and getting to know more about MBMSI as an organization. There is still no "set in stone" commitment by going to Spring Adventure so we feel its a safe & (hopefully) informative step for us in this big decision-making stage we're in. We're both feeling a yearning to do something more than we're doing right now, but still aren't 100% sure whether cross-cultural missions is the answer. I have a sneaking hunch it is, but we'd like to come to that conclusion together, and with no doubts about it. So as long as our applications go through and we get accepted, we'll be spending April 25-30, 2010 with MBMSI :) If you think of it, we'd truly appreciate your prayers as we continue to search for answers & calling in all of this!

As for the rest of life, things have been busy... friends, family, church commitments, work, & play... it all makes for a packed schedule and not a lot of free time. But we're enjoying life and excited about all the possibilities that lie ahead for us.

I haven't forgotten about posting the rest of our Thailand pictures (and don't worry Lisa... I told Jon that you'd like to hear some of his thoughts on our trip so he's promised to do a post soon) and will get back to it now that things have slowed down a bit at home. I should hopefully have Days #6 & 7 up soon, as well as some recent (& very cute) pictures of Callie too!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

I can't believe...

... our nephew, Konrad, got to hold the Olympic Torch today!
How cool is that!?!