Friday, August 19, 2011

A little taste of heaven...

This post is a few weeks late but I wanted to give a shout out to my dear sweet Gin anyway.  
As a belated birthday gift/going-away gift, my dearest Ginny took me for a day at the spa.  Let's just say there's a reason I entitled this post "a little taste of heaven."  That is exactly what the day was!

She could not have planned a more perfect day.  Ginny arrived at my door with a Caramel Macchiato (my favorite!) and then we made our way to "The Gallery Spa."  Neither of us had ever been there before but we would DEFINITELY recommend it!  Its absolutely GORGEOUS and the treatments were to die for!  

Our spa experience started with the "eucalyptus steam room." I'll admit... we didn't utilize the steam room for very long.  That mist/humidity is IN-tense.  But it was definitely refreshing.

Here's the room we got changed in.  Isn't it pretty!? 

Ready for the steam room sans make-up :)

Refreshed and ready for our treatments.
Just enjoying a quick snack before our massages!
Next up... hour long relaxation massages & facials.  All I can say is AAAAAAAAMAZING.  Seriously the most relaxing hour & a half of my life!  Obviously, I don't have any pictures of that part but it was incredible.  The entire time I was lying there, I couldn't help but think, "I am so undeserving of this!  This is too good to be true!"

Then it was off for our pedicures.  There are about a billion colors to choose from.  In the end, we both chose the same one.  True besties form. :)

I loved this piece of art.
All of the artwork in the spa was done by the owner's husband.
There were some really unique, beautiful pieces!

Enjoying our parrafin wax :)

Opi color "Don't Socratease Me"
After our incredible morning/afternoon at the spa, we made our way down to Bellingham for some shopping.  I had saved my birthday money just for the occasion and was very pleased with the couple of purchases I made.
We finished the day with popcorn and candy from Target and great conversation on the drive home.  All in all, the perfect day.  Thanks again Gin.  You're the bestest :)  Love you SO much.


Jen Glen said...

Truly does sound amazing!! Way to go Ginny!

Elissa said...

what a fabulous day! perfection!