Tuesday, January 29, 2008

from sunrise to... snowstorm??

Early Saturday morning sunrise on the way to Jon's basketball tournament last weekend. (The picture just doesn't do it justice. The colours were incredible!)

Oh, and could I please get a little clarification!? Where exactly am I living? 'Cause this is the scene I woke up to this morning and the last time I checked, I moved away from Saskatchewan. What is this all about????

... the sick part is that it just keeps coming down! Where did all our sunshine go?


Anonymous said...

Hey Bonnie,
I understand why you wouldn't want to party it up after your job situation. That's okay, we'll have a party of our own one day. Yeah, I have a membership at the Leisure Center too. All I do is swim laps so if you're not into swimming then it might not be too fun to go with me. But I would really like a swimming partner, it makes me go faster, which I realized tonight when this lady was swimming next to me. Anyways...but we should totally go sometime. Are you having any luck with the job hunt? It just seems to me that there isn't much decent stuff out there right now, I don't know, maybe you found some secret source that I don't know about, if so let me in on it. Well, we're pretty busy this weekend but perhaps sometime next week during the week or next weekend we can get together. Do you guys like the show Lost? If so, we do too so we should have a Lost party. Kay this is one long comment so I'll go now but I'll talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Alaska! Only, probably drop the temp about 10 or 15 degrees. I think you're neighborhood looks cute all snowy... just be glad it's only going to last about a week. :)