Thursday, April 05, 2007

Wednesday night bedtime stories... melts my heart everytime!

Just had to throw that in here... I love watching Jon with our nephew. He's going to make a wonderful Dad some day. Though the key word there is SOME day... :)

So I must say I'm feeling pretty good right now, knowing that I have a 4 day weekend ahead of me!! I think its going to be a really great weekend. Tomorrow we have a morning service at church, Saturday I am going to do a little swimming with my friend Laurie and her very cute daughter Adia, Sunday I am leading worship with the team, and Monday...well, haven't thought that far ahead yet but its a day off so its going to be good no matter how you look at it :) I'd love to hang out with anyone that has some free time seeing as I'll have lots of it! Just let me know. The best part is that it was SOOO warm today and its supposed to be pretty nice all weekend (from what I've heard so far). I'm looking forward to some time out in the sun!
Anyway...Happy Easter everyone! Hope its a wonderful weekend for all of you!

Oh, and Jen...look what Jon's mom gave us yesterday...

Yup... 943 grams of goodness! I promise to bring the leftovers when I come to visit in a few weeks!! :) (There should be a LOT left!)


Anonymous said...

I love how you put SOMEday. Excellent squelch of the inevitable question... when are you?...I love to see Aaron around kids too. He sort of doesn't know what to do with them but is very interested in all the funny things they do all at the same time. Have a great weekend. Where I work... we don't get any time off! I feel it's an injustice. Maybe I'll be really lazy on those work days in protest. Kidding. I think. :)

Danish Dame said...

BRING some of those mini eggs to Edmonton or else.

where the heck do you even get a ginormous bag of eggs like that? tell me so i can buy some.

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know Bonnie, I have some free time on Monday...
Also, I actually started to salivate when I saw that bag of mini-eggs. Only my favorite candy...ever. Dad is in Europe, Mom is in Van, so no Easter treats for me, however mom sent me money to go buy my own. I tried to explain to her that it really wasn't the same. (Don't get me wrong, I'm still going to get a bag).
Also, I don't know if you know this, but after we left your house for the trek home, we stopped at Safeway for some snacks, and Talbot bought $60 worth of candy! That same bag of minieggs was one of the purchases. We weren't feelin' to great when we got home to say the least.

Jen said...

Holla holla! That's the BIGGEST bag of mini eggs I've ever seen in my life. MMM, I can taste them now. and they are tasting pretty delicious. I agree with Leah...bring some...or ELSE!

ha ha ha..LESS than 3 weeks now! Seriously, I can't even explain how pumped I am...

have a fabulous weekend in your gorgeous weather.