Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sweet, sweet relief...

I literally only have a few minutes to post (I should really be making supper 'cause I have to eat and race out the door for worship practice) but I thought I'd share my exciting and relieving news.
I GOT MY PASSPORT BACK!!!...and with plenty of time to spare. For those that don't know the story, here it is.

So because of our cruise in June, Jon and I have to have current passports, obviously. And thankfully, both of us have passports. The only problem with mine was that it was still under my maiden name, Glen. So...as soon as I found out about the cruise, I quickly sent if off to have my married name added. (I later found out that I could technically travel under my maiden name, but I didn't want to take any chances. Plus it was too late...the deed had already been done). Anyway... so I sent my passport in February and then waited... and waited... and soon started to panic because after sending it, I realized that I hadn't changed my address information in my passport so it still had my Saskatchewan address from when I first got my passport in 2003. YIKES! Passport Canada is slow enough as it is...they certainly didn't need anything else holding up the process. So I've frantically been trying to contact them to ensure they would send my passport to the correct address. But of course, to no avail. It is next to IMPOSSIBLE to get through to their 1 800 number. Next I tried emailing and finally got a response saying that they had received my request and would make sure it was updated. Phew... now I just had to wait. But that has been the worst part because until I had my passport back in my possession, I just couldn't get excited about our trip. Everyone kept telling me, "Don't worry...you'll get it back in time," which I knew was likely, but none the less, I felt uneasy. Especially with Passport Canada's threats of, (and I quote!) "an additional 50 working days due to the sharp increase in passport applications."

So yesterday I got a tag in the mail saying that I was to pick up a parcel at the Southgate post office. I was hoping it was my passport but decided not to hold my breath. It had in fact only been about a month and a half since I mailed it. But today when I picked up the parcel, it was indeed my very wonderful, and now accurate, passport! Thank goodness! Now I can rest easy and finally start to look forward to our cruise! Praise God for answered prayer and safely returned passports :)


Chris and Lizann said...

HI JON!!! I found you because of your sisters sight- Gosh, i haven't talked to you in years! Your wife is gorgeous by the way! I love your wedding photos- and all the ones with your niece and nephew- how exciting! so, what are you up to? where are you working/going to school? anyways, just a quick hello! take care.

Anonymous said...

Great news Bonnie B. I remember all the passport woes in NZ... and what a relief it is to get it done... finally! Snow is finally melting here. We can actually see a fair amount of dirt...and my life must be pretty boring right now because I have resorted to posting to you about weather...and dirt. Forgive me.

thatsagoodmeatball said...

ugg, government! I still have my maiden name in my passport too, and I refuse to pay another $120 dollars to change it. I just carry a copy of my marriage certificate with me, so far it's been fine. I even applied for permanent residency using that passport. It expires in a year or so anyhow...Have fun getting excited for your trip - I am so jealous!

Jen said...

YAY! o happy day. it's funny how we can get so excited about a passport. but i am grinning for ya! cuz now it means you are definitely going to the mediterrean. i guess i won't have to go for you after all ;)
can't wait to hear you sing at church!
Love ya!

Hailey said...

Bonnie! I am seriously so excited for you and Jon to experience Europe. While we were in Paris on our way home from Africa...I seriously felt like I was walking on cloud 9!!!! I loved the Euro feel. You guys are going to have so much fun!!!! I can hardly wait for you. I am happy to hear you got your passport too. Now you can breathe easy. I have JUST caught up on your blog since I've been back, and wanted you to know I am praying for you guys. I hope that things are looking up! I would LOVE to talk with you tonight or tomorrow. I am going for coffee with Danielle, but if I get home in time I can call you today, otherwise I can call you tomorrow probably before 7:30 my time. But you might be eating dinner?? Not too sure. I will try nonetheless, and we can always set up another time. Oh and I LOVE the hair Bonnie! The bangs totally suit you, you are such a hottie! I love it! Okay, miss you.

Heidi Epp said...

Fun with passports. I ended up in the four hour line there not so long ago. i'm thankful it's done. now I can whip myself around the world at my pleasure.

Jon & Bonnie said...

Hey Lizann!
Thanks for stopping by...I told Jon that you had left a comment (cuz he doesn't really ever read &/or post on our blog) and so we wanted to come say hi to you guys...but we can't get to your blog. When I clicked on your name from the comment you left, it wouldn't let us view your blog. So...we tried to come say hi...but you'll have to let us know what your blog address is for us to do so :)
Hope to hear from you again!

Trev & Rebekah said...

Oh a cruise...how exciting. Where to?

Danish Dame said...

Hey Bon.

Just thought id throw a comment in here. great news about your passport. I feel like taking a trip haha. whats new right?!

anyways i cant WAIT to see you in a few weeks. like im so freakin excited i think i just peed a little. HAH. ok maybe not that excited but this girl in my youth says that all the time so i thought id say it myself.

ill be in eddy mid afternoon on the 26th so jen AND MEEEE will be pickin you up from the port! WOOT! like im so looking forward to see you guys you have no idea.

well i head back to Saskatchewan on Sunday or Monday so I will try and call you when I get home. It has been far to long.

love YA!