Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Thanksgiving x2

Thanksgiving was great...as usual! And I can't complain because I got turkey TWICE this year...something I don't usually get.
We had the big Esau gathering on Sunday evening at Uncle John & Auntie Karen's place. I have to admit that when I first moved to Chilliwack 2 1/2 years ago, and began attending these Esau "get-togethers," I found them quite overwhelming actually. When we are all together, there's a total of 34 of us. Now I know that many of you are probably saying, "what, that's it? there are like 60 in my family!" But for me, who has zero extended family on this side of the world, 34 might as well be 60. I wasn't used to the whole "extended family" thing. But NOW...I LOVE it! I so enjoyed our time on Sunday and feel BLESSED beyond measure to be a part of such a loving and fun family! You Esau's are incredible people...truly!!

Then on Monday, Jon and I were the hosts :) We had Thanksgiving dinner at our place with my parents, my sister Viv, and Todd & Brianne (whom we might as well call family now anyway!) :) It was great...'cause my mom insisted on doing all the cooking so I really didn't have to do much at all. And really...who am I to think that Thanksgiving would even be HALF as good if I were to attempt to cook the meal...my mom will always and forever, BLOW ME OUTTA THE WATER with her cooking! And that's fine with me :)

Mom, Dad, Jon and I went for a really nice afternoon walk before Todd & Brianne arrived (Viv stayed at our place cuz she had worked all day and was tired). It was such a beautiful, sunny day and we saw some really pretty things (note: see pictures above).
Once Todd and Brianne arrived, we feasted...and it was indeed a feast! Mmmmm...I can still taste it now :) And after dinner we had a rousing game of Cranium. It was VERY entertaining as usual! Craig and Jen...you guys missed out! You would have loved Brianne's competitive edge and mom and dad trading off dad's glasses so they could read the cards! I still smile just thinking about it!

So, another Thanksgiving has come and gone and I must say that God is truly amazing! I just felt so "extra" blessed to be able to spend it with my family this year and to be part of two very great families! I love all of you...Glen's and Esau's (and Smith's too)...so much! Thank-you Lord for your abundant blessings! We are so undeserving, but so thankful!

(Oh, and if anyone can figure out what the clay sculptures are that Brianne is holding in the above picture, please write in! I may just have a prize for anyone who can guess correctly! Trust me, she doesn't look that puzzled for nothing! I had to sculpt something during the game and let's just say it wasn't exactly easy...)


thatsagoodmeatball said...

Haha! The parents trading glasses! That happened to me too with Cranuim!

Sounded like a wonderful Thanksgiving. In Oz, they don't celebrate it, or have turkeys either (well, they are really hard to find)...makes me home sick a little...

Danish Dame said...

of course i check it. weird i didnt think to leave a comment...HA! oopps!
yeah I enjoy it! writing the last one was fun but i just have nothing to write about at the moment. maybe when i am laying in bed i will think of something.
check ya later!