Saturday, October 07, 2006

Friday Night Football

BC Lions vs. Calgary Stampeders....Us and Todd & Brianne....what fun!? :)
After work yesterday, Jon and I raced to pick up Todd and Brianne, grabbed a quick bite to eat at McDonald's and then FOUGHT our way through RIDICULOUS long-weekend Vancouver traffic. We ended up getting to the game with only a few minutes remaining in the 2nd quarter, so that kinda sucked but there wasn't much we could do about it. It just so happened that EVERY single person in the Lower Mainland seemed to be making their way through Vancouver last night, right about the time we made it onto the highway! Urrrgghhh! Oh well...the game was still really fun and it also helped that BC slaughtered Calgary (sorry Todd & Brianne!) Brianne and I had great fun laughing at the "FeLions!" Gotta admit that they are pretty pathetic for a cheerleading squad :)
Jon made Brianne and I pose by the little BC Ferries boat at BC Place...not really sure why 'cause you can't even see the front of it from this picture...but we felt ridiculous and Todd and Jon thought it was pretty funny. So we made them pose by the "BodyWorlds" sign at Science World as we made our way back to the car. Strange how they didn't feel that ridiculous in this picture!? :)
On our walk back to the car, we decided to stop in at the little Gelati shop around the corner and feasted on some VERY delicious Gelato...I think the Mango was great but Todd's reaction to the White Chocolate Raspberry was priceless...I think he thought he was in heaven! You win Todd :) Just another great night with the Smith's!


Janelle said...

still jealous that you get time with Brianne & Brianne gets time with you! i'm just gonna have to come visit!!!!

Jen said...

Ok, body works is so cool. That's why they wouldn't feel ridiculous. I'm definitely going to see it in Vancouver when I come home for Christmas :)
Glad you had fun at the game. City traffic on a long weekend is a patience tester that's for sure. You need a bike.

Leah said...

hey you crazy butt. sorry about not posting sooner but we had a big party for BEEGS today so we have alittle busy and i havent been on the computer at all. but it looks like you had a swell time. Saskatchewan definately beat BC when they were here and WOOT i was there!
but i love ya there chicky and hope we talk soon!!!

The Gartners said...

Hey I know that Gelato place!! And I'm from Laird!!! Good times.

Trevor and Rebekah said...

Yumm Gelato. There is a great place in Winnipeg that I enjoy going to.
Glad you have a fun time with Todd and Brianne.

kathleen said...

um, have i mentioned how hot of a couple you are? ha ha...oh bonsie i miss you. please call me!!! I want to talk to you so bad...and hey, maybe after christmas (ie.reading break)...i could make a trip out to see you and hang out...dang that'd be fun. to you soon,
love, leens