Thursday, October 12, 2006

Another day, another dollar...hopefully

So I went on my first official "solo" job today. I'm not gonna lie...I was pretty nervous on the drive there, but thankfully the nerves settled when I arrived. I had to head to Hope to do a colour consultation as well as a show suite for a new gated community development. The colour consultation went very well actually. It was for a really nice elderly couple who wanted to "spice up their home" with some new paint, hardwood floors & new kitchen countertop. They had already decided on their flooring but I helped with the paint colours and countertop...hopefully they'll enjoy the "spice" I suggested :)

After my colour consult, I headed over to the very beautiful Kawkawa Lakeside Homes. My boss Kathy had done all the interior design for the homes quite some time ago, but they had sold the show suite and now needed it redone in a new suite. So, all the furniture and accessories were in the suite when I got there---I just had to try to make it all look pretty! It was quite overwhelming at first because there was just a mess of furniture and nick-nacks and I hadn't seen what the old show suite looked was tough to know where to begin. But once I started moving the couches and arranging the artwork, I think it came together alright. Hopefully they'll be happy with it! :) I must admit...I have a pretty sweet job!

Check out the view from the living room...I think I could handle living here!


Erik, Jamie, Micah & Baby said...

That looks awesome - I agree, you have a great job!

Jen said...

Nice work there Bonster. Arranging furniture and making a home look nice sounds like a pretty sweet job to me :) I'm sure you are continuing to do a fantabulous job with everything Kathy has you doing.
Love ya and miss ya,