Sunday, October 15, 2006

Shop 'til we drop

Everyone knows how woman love to shop, and for the most part, men do not. So on Saturday, Brianne and I decided to leave our husbands in Abby to do what they like to do (ie: what action movies and play vids), while we headed to Bellingham, Washington for some good ol' fashioned shopping. And what a great time we had! Bellis Fair Mall was definitely good to us.
We both got some great stuff...a little AeroPostale, American Eagle, and most importantly...some sweet $6.98 Beatles t-shirts from our favorite place, Target. (You'll see us sporting our new shirts in the picture below). Ah, there is truly nothing better than shopping on a dreary Saturday afternoon...we made some great memories, hey Brianne!? It really is too bad we didn't get pictures of "the black skirt!" ;)

We ended our U.S. excursion with a visit to the DQ drive thru in Lynden...where we were unfortunately very disappointed with our blizzards. Just a little tip for those of you who get as excited about their cheap blizzard prices in the States as we did---the ice-cream is TERRIBLE! And there's NO way that they could flip the blizzards upside-down like they're supposed to---it would be one messy ordeal let me tell ya!
Anyway, thankfully the people at the border crossings were surprisingly kind and didn't make us pay duty on anything...pheeww! But I almost blew that for us by not being "precise" on how much I spent...that was a close call!

The day ended with pizza and a movie with the boys...and some great guacamole, courtesy of chef Brianne---you really did do a great job! :)

Pretty sweet shirts hey!?


Janelle said...

i LOVE target!!!!!!!!!!!
and i love those beatles shirts - awesome!! :)
i would love to shop with you two girls!!!

Utah Tiger said...

Yeah vids and violent movies! My wife is a shopping nut too. Nice Beatle tees.

Jamie said...

Aaaah Target! I love it! I wonder if it would still be a novelty if we had it in Canada... Love the pic of Brianne with the receipts, she looks awfully guilty!