Friday, October 20, 2006

"Me" Time

Well, its been an interesting week for me. As many of you know, my boss has been away on a lovely Meditteranean Cruise since October 5 and doesn't return until October 30. This means that I have been working on my own at the office and seeing as quite a few of our projects are behind schedule, there hasn't been too much to do. So, I've only been working Thursdays and Fridays while she's away. I did pick up a few extra shifts at Chilliwack Decorating but this week, I only worked there on Monday. That meant I had Tuesday and Wednesday off. Two days off...IN A ROW!! I thought I was in heaven. Now don't get me wrong. I love my job, but life gets so busy with working all the time and trying to get stuff done in the evenings, that it doesn't leave much "me" time. When I was in high school, I really didn't see the need for "me" time--I was far more concerned with keeping up my "social butterfly" reputation and being in on all the action with my friends. But as I get older, I realize more and more, just how much I value time alone.
So yes, I very much enjoyed my days off. I did a little shopping with my sister on Tuesday and then spent Wednesday just doing a bit of grocery shopping (which I actually HATE most of the time...but we needed food), and then took the rest of the afternoon to do something that I am growing to love, but don't get much time for....painting. My friend Lauren actually was the one who convinced me to start painting and now I just love it. I find it so relaxing and its fun to let my imagination run free. Now I am definitely not a painting artist by any means, but it is still fun. Especially because I have always been into sketching and doing pencil drawings. Painting is a nice change from that.
And today, I technically had another day off. I only worked about 4 hours at the office this morning and since there was nothing else pressing, I decided to come home early. So in the way of work, I don't really feel that I have put a week in but alas, it is Friday and I am excited about that. Todd and Brianne are coming over for movie night tonight and I think we may go into Vancouver tomorrow. Weekend life is great!
Welp...I guess I don't really have anything else to report and I do need to go get some homework done before the "troops" arrive! So, have a great weekend everyone...enjoy the sunshine all you BC'ers...its supposed to be a hot one!


Danish Dame said...

hey you nerd!
my hands are swollen, im tired, there are a million people over tonight and i have a zit the size of America on my ear....all that aside I am grand.
The pizza just arrived so all is well again. just wanted to say Hey. Call me sometime you butt!
love ya

Jen said...

good painting bon. i think you're like an artist or something. thanks for the painting you sent me too. it's in my living room. Umm, yeah. My "living room". In fact thanks for the whole package. I was very very very touched. and suprised. and excited. i peed my pants. ok, well no i didn't. but it woulda made a great story.

jamie said...

hey bonnie! thanks for the post, this is a pretty neat way to keep in touch. so i got your email, so now i have your phone number, blogger thing, and email, so all we have to do is figure out a time and place (time is more an issue than place for me) as school is really dumb (and by dumb i mean demanding). anyway, i am using this as kind of like an email, but i should be responding to your paintings!! if it ever works out, you me and laur should paint together one afternoon becuase my walls are bare and you could help me!
ok, well peace out.
hope you are doing well.