Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Hello there fellow bloggers! Wondering if you can help me out. Jon and I just bought the new I Mini Apple and I am having a tough time posting pictures from the computer. Does anyone know how I can do so? I read on the blogger site that Mac's are compatible but it said something about having to use formatting or something to post pictures manually. Anyway...with me being so new at this, I could use your help. Please comment if you have any words of wisdom :) Thanks!

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Janelle said...

Wow Bonnie! first off - it's crazy to see your name as Esau - what the heck???
and i'm so excited that i'll get to keep up to date on you & that you will get to see new pics of Kamryn all the time! we sure miss you here!
regarding the posting of pictures - when you go into your "create a new post" and press the picture button - what does it tell you? you can e-mail me at (i'm going to leave you to fill in our last name so that i don't give out my e-mail)
and we'll figure it out for you!
love ya babe!