Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Adventures at Castle Fun Park

Ok, so does anyone else hate the rain we are getting out here in the lower mainland? I mean, I know we need it but it just spoils things when you're already in summer mode. This last weekend, we had made plans to go to Harrison on Sunday with my know, soak up some rays...try to diminish some of our white skin...but when we got out of church there was nothing but dismal skies and the threat of rain. So instead of Harrison, we had to settle for Abbotsford. I can't complain though because it actually ended up being a lot of fun! Jon, myself, my sister Viv and our good friends Jen and Kevin all went and played a little mini-golf at good ol Castle Fun Park. Needless to say I am far worse than I like to admit...we had some good laughs! Unfortunately neither Viv or I seem to have acquired the putting skills that our dad and brother Craig have. And I think I would rather stick to real golf...I seem to be more successful when I can actually "swing" at the ball.
Anyway...after mini-golf we got some ice-cream at the Dairy Queen and then headed back to the 'Wack. I'll add some pictures of our Abbotsford adventure once I have them on the computer!

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