Saturday, July 08, 2006

Let the blogging begin...

Ok, so apparently this whole blogging thing is where its at so I thought, why not give it a try. It seems to be quite popular and I like the idea of family and friends being able to see what's new with us without me having to send out boring mass emails and spending a mint with sending photos through snail mail. So alas, I guess you could say I am taking the "blogging plunge." And what better time to do it than now because we finally took the other "plunge" and just bought a new computer. I suppose we are opening a new chapter in our lives with this whole thing which is also appropriate as we are just coming up on our 1st wedding anniversary (August 7). So we'll give this a whirl!

1 comment:

headshaker68 said...

Hey... just thought I'd say hi... my first ever blog comment. It was nice to see you guys in June and good to hear you're coming out for camp Bonnie. Colin says don't rule out a hatching chicken skit. :)

Good luck with the blogging plunge!