Friday, July 14, 2006

The best things about babies

Ok so I must confess that I am MORE than frustrated with this whole "not being able to post pictures" right now but hopefully I'll figure it out soon. soon as I do, I have THE cutest pictures to show you of a certain little girl named Adia. My friend Laurie had her baby last week and a bunch of us girls went out for coffee with her and her new little bundle of joy today and let me tell you....SO CUTE!! She is absolutely precious...almost makes me want one of my very own...oh wait...ok so not really. But I sure enjoy holding other people's cute kids. And I'm pretty sure I'll just stick to that for a LONG time.....seems to work well ;)
And my sister-in-law Naomi is due in August so we get to have another little one around soon! That is really hard to believe because it seems like just yesterday that our nephew Konrad was born. But he is already two years old and FULL of energy! Its going to be fun to be aunt and uncle for the second time..."Auntie Body" and "Unca Jon" as Konrad calls us :) Anyway...I just want to say a huge congratulations to Laurie and Kurt...we love Adia to pieces already and wish you guys all the best in your years ahead as parents!


betty said...

oh man! i am actually laughing out loud right now because i thought after reading your title there.."best thing about babies" that you were having one! now now...young marrieds making comments like that? you are in for trouble! ; ) Hey i'm out in Grand Forks this week speaking...if you guys feel like a little road trip...glad you like the blog and especially glad that i found yours! i love this blogging great to see what everyone's up to...
lots of love to you both

Jenny said...

Hey guys! Great to see you've joined the blogging world! sounds like you guys are doing great! Just thought I'd say hi, and feel free to check out my blog sometime.

Jen Bueckert (now a Birkland!)