Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Inspiration for the New Year...

I just read a post on my friend Nini's blog and found it so moving and BEAUTIFUL, I just have to share it with you. I hope Nini doesn't mind :)
But honestly... this is the most incredible story of how God works in the hearts of children. I'm still crying from the beauty of it.

Click HERE to be completely and totally inspired! :)

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Nini said...

Oh Bonnie! Thanks for the link up. You are too kind! And really, my kids cease to amaze me. Even in the midst of terrible behavior and attitudes (my own included), there are moments like this that not only humble me, but remind me that our God works, powerfully, in each of us...we just need to be sure to listen more carefully!

Hope you are having a great new year so are so lovely and inspiring!