Friday, October 08, 2010

A month of much...

I have been desperately wanting to post but have honestly had ZERO free time. MTE has been taking up most of our waking hours, between class time & homework, not to mention our very busy 15 month old. But life is good and we're intensely grateful for the way God has been moving in our hearts & lives. His provision has been abundant!
Thankfully, our class schedule is into more of a routine now and we mostly have half days (with the exception of full days on Wednesdays). September truly could've been referred to as "the month of much." Much class time, much learning, much transition, much homework, much mentoring, much exhaustion, much, much, MUCH! It was full and I'll admit, felt like more than I could handle at times, but we survived and it was truly, a great month of learning & growing.

Anyway... although I have been wanting to upload some new pictures, all I can offer today are a few videos of our "busy bee." Our iPhoto is full and I need to get some pictures off before I can add more. So for now, here is a glimpse of Callie-bear these days (although these videos were taken over a month ago). This is mostly for Uncle Craig & Auntie Jen :)

I'll write more later. Gotta go get the munchkin out of trouble ;)


Kara said...

so glad to see that you are still around :) I can identify with the September of Much title. I echo you completely.

Jen Glen said...

Love it. We can't wait to see her and everyone else as well. Love you.