Monday, October 11, 2010

From baby to little girl...

Its hard to believe Callie is already 15 months old--- though her independent personality is starting to resemble that of a 2 year olds, more and more each day, so I guess its not that surprising that she's nearing the year and a half mark :)
She took her first steps shortly after her 1st birthday but "officially" started walking at 14 months. And now its hard to imagine her ever doing anything else. She runs around the house with such exuberance, I can't even remember what crawling looked like.
Put her in a room with other kids and she absolutely, 100% has my extroverted personality. She thrives! But as soon as she's in a room of adults, she's the most shy and quiet kid around. Strangest thing to watch.
Her vocabulary has absolutely exploded as of late. Some of her most common words are:
"Awwwww done!" (all done)
"Peeeeez" (please)
"Tattoooo" (thank-you)
"Open it up"
"Puppy" & "woof, woof!" (and a whole myriad of other animal sounds)
"Hot" (which refers to anything hot OR cold... gotta work on that ;))
"Naa-naa" (which means nigh-night, and is what she calls her special blankie)
"Dallie!" (Callie)
"Eli" (her cousin... she just learned that today!)
"Ight!" (light)
"Noooooo!" (we hear a lot of this one... hence the nearing 2 year old attitude!)

.... and so much more! We look forward to each new word or phrase and the hilarity it brings to the day. And the more she talks, the more her personality shines through. Its SO fun!
She still loves to sing and dance and now knows the actions to "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and especially loves the "down came the rain" part. She's also a bit of a "class clown" and loves to get a laugh.
INTENSE teething has become the new and literal "thorn in our flesh." The poor girl has been an absolute inconsolable mess for the last few days and we anticipate the arrival of molars or possibly eye teeth at any time.
Her love for "naaa-naa" (blankie) has grown immensely over the last few months and has become a true vice. It has to go EVERYWHERE with us. We've recently nicknamed her "Linus" because she walks around with her blankie draped over her shoulder and looks like the character out of "Charlie Brown."
Her love for the outdoors also grows each day. Our new house is just 2 minutes away from a field of horses, cows and even a donkey. She loves to visit them and wave hello! We're also just a 5 minute walk from the Vedder River trail. Anytime spent walking at the river makes for a very happy Callie.
One of my favorite things about Callie these days is her love of music. She bobs away in her car seat when we're listening to music in the car, and if you say, "Callie, can you sing us a song?" she automatically breaks out in singing. Its gibberish, mind you, but its cute nonetheless :)

Well... that's all the time I have right now so I'll leave you with a couple of pictures of Callie and her cousin Elijah. Eli & Auntie Viv came for coffee this morning so I snapped a few photos of the two cousins. Callie absolutely adores this little ray of sunshine...


Sabrina said...

Lovely update Bonnie! She is getting so very big. When did that happen?! What a fun stage, too - with all the talking and exploring!

Hope you are finding time to enjoy her in the midst of such a busy fall. I was delighted to read on fb that you'd skipped school to have a mom day - extra 'home days' are the best! Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving!

Elissa said...

She looks so grown up! Very cute. Love her big green eyes! (at least they looked green in the picture!)

Bonnie said...

Elissa- They're actually a really dark, hazy blue but they do look green on occasion :)

Jen Glen said...

Wow, Eli's big! Unbelievable.

Trev and Rebekah said...

Kids sure do grow up fast, eh? I'd love to hear more about your time at MTE and how you have found the balance between that and being a mom, where your heart is at and where you hope to go.

It's fun being a mom and seeing your child learn and grow and talk, eh?

Heidi said...

I feel updated. Why is that I'm already depending on your blog for updatedness...hmmm.