Monday, May 03, 2010


I anticipated our week at MBMSI's Spring Adventure to be a good one, even stretching most likely. But I had no idea that it would be as incredible as it was! I have so many highlights of our week, I hardly know where to begin. So here are just a few...

- meeting some of the most amazing people, and developing meaningful relationships with them (both fellow Spring Adventurer's, as well as MBMSI staff & lead team & member care couples). Truly AMAZING.
- beautiful times of worship & singing
- hearing everyone's stories and learning about how God has brought them to this point
- a day of "team-building" exercises up in the mountains.... everything from hiking blind-folded, to rock-climbing & rappelling off a 70 ft. cliff. Absolutely exhilarating!
- intimate times of prayer with everyone, & truly experiencing the voice of the Holy Spirit
- watching God work in my life, and the lives of everyone who was there
- delicious meals
- challenging sessions by the MBMSI staff & lead team
- realization of the "rock" (hindrance) in my life that I need to continue to bring forgiveness & restoration to
- great conversations over coffee breaks
- and truly, so much more!

(Credit for these 2 pictures go to Gary & Eva Cool. Hope you guys don't mind that I stole them!
We didn't have our camera there that day... but this is proof that we were there and I did rappel that 70 ft. cliff) :)

Honestly... the transformation both Jon and I felt, was amazing. We feel richly blessed to have been a part of it and are eagerly anticipating the next steps in this "mission" journey. We have 2 more interviews to get through, but we were told at Spring Adventure that we've got the "green light" for September. So we'll be making some big decisions over the next few months (ie: whether to rent out our house, move to Abbotsford or stay in Chilliwack, childcare for Callie during our schooling, etc.) Please pray with us as we continue in these next steps of decision-making and discernment. Our hope & prayer is to follow obediently and capture all that God has planned for us. Exciting stuff!!

I also want to give you the heads up that my blog postings may slow down a bit over the next few weeks. I really feel like God is calling me to spend less time on the computer and more time in his Word, so although I still want to keep you up to date on us, it may not be quite as frequent. But we will try to keep you posted!


Mel said...

Bonnie - we are right there with you. You story was our story not that long ago. We are excited for you, and anticipate along with you what God has in store.

Jen Glen said...

Wow guys! Was wondering how it went! Those are big steps and big decisions to be taking/making. Know that we love you and will support you all the way!

Kara said...

How exciting to dream of the new adventures God has in store for your family. May you really feel God's leading in the weeks and months to come as you make big decisions.

Leanne said...

Wow, wow, wow! Transformation can be a bit scary, but how exciting for your family! I will be praying for you.