Thursday, June 14, 2007


So we just arrived home and I've gotta say, I don't think I've ever been so happy to be home! Our time in Europe was absolutely, indescribably amazing, but it is also nice to get home to familiar faces and well... our own bed :) I will post pictures as soon as I get through my dreaded unpacking, LOADS of laundry and sorting out of our memory cards...but rest assured, the post will come soon. If you think of it, please pray that the jet lag doesn't take too long to get over. We had a 33 hour "day" yesterday and I don't think I got more than about 2 hours of sleep last night because my body thought it was daytime when we got into the Vancouver airport at 11:00pm. So to say the very least, I am feeling pretty drained. Jon seems to be doing not bad (he actually slept really well last night) and actually just headed off to put in an afternoon's work with Todd. I think he's crazy but I guess he missed him enough to get back at it :) least I don't have to go to work 'til Monday!

So with that, I am off to visit my best friend Jen and then get around to all that laundry. Talk to you all soon!!


Anonymous said...

I await these pics. So glad you guys had a sweet time.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bonnie,
Hope you guys had a fantastic trip.I'm sure you can't go wrong with the Mediterranean. Did you have lots of fun with all the old people on your ship? Or was it one of those young people adventure ships? All I remember from cruises with my parents is that many of the people were really old. Which means more room for young guns like you guys to use all the fun stuff that those oldies can't handle! Anyways, let's see some pics!

Hailey said...

Great to hear you are back safe and sound! :) Impressive that Jon is already back to work...what a diligent man!!!! You married well. :) Could I reccommed some gravol perhaps to take at night for the next 2 nights? That is what we used to recover from Africa, and as long as you limit yourself to 1-3 days you wont get addicted, and you'll get over your jet-lag faster!!! Looking forward to hearing all about your trip my dear! :)

Doug & Elissa Toews said...

Welcome home you guys! I can't wait to hear about your adventure and see some pictures.