Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Yesterday was my mom's birthday so we all went to the Wild Cat Grill for supper...

As you can see, my big brother was able to make it out from Sask. for the occasion. He's actually here 'til Saturday for a big conference at Willingdon church in Vancouver but was able to come a day early to celebrate mom's birthday. It was not only a birthday treat for Mom but for the rest of us too! If only Jen could've come too we would have had the whole family together. We miss you Jen!!!

After a delicious dinner at the Wild Cat, everyone came back to our place for cake and presents... thankfully the cake I made was a big success. (I'm not usually much of a baker so I was relieved it turned out well!)

Happy Birthday Mom! We love you so much and pray that this year is full of blessings!

In other news, I just have to say once again that I seriously have such a sweet job. Today's so called "hard work" consisted of going to Abby with my boss to do some shopping (including wonderful places like HomeSense and Home Outfitters) and then going to a dance competition. Her daughter is a really good dancer and was competing in Abby today so she asked if I'd mind if we went to watch her after our shopping. Would I mind!? Hah...I love watching dance and if she wants to pay me to sit and watch something I enjoy, I'm pretty sure I'm OK with it! Plus she bought me lunch. What more can a girl ask for...
(Oh, and the dancing was SWEET! Quite a bit of lyrical but also a bit of hip hop and highland...very fun!) And apparently we're off to Vancouver for the day tomorrow to do more shopping for a client. Count me in.

Have a great night everyone!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I want a job like that! It sounds awesome. Mine was okay today too. There was a party for someone leaving and a meeting that was kind of productive...that's almost like a dance and lunch!

Doug & Elissa Toews said...

Lucky girl. You're job sounds pretty awesome. Although, mine wasn't so bad yesterday either. My boss and I took time off work to hit the army & navy shoe sale!

Jen said...

The first time I looked at the pics, I thought Rich was Craig...and I was so does he look so different. Then I looked closer...and realized how dumb I am. I blame it on studying. Your family looks great! I'll be praying for your mom tomorrow at 2:30! Love you, miss you tons.

Sparkalina said...

Hey Beautiful :)

Gosh, you have a great job! Wanna swap?? *laughs*

Looks like you guys had a great time for your mum's b'day :)

Hey, would you be able to give me your email? :) there is something I wanna show ya :)



Janelle said...

Happy Birthday Mom! We love you lots and miss you!!!
- Janelle, Rod & Kamryn!!!

gord and janice said...

Great photos on your blog! I noticed one that you took at Mill lake on March 04, and it reminded me of one that I took. Sure enough it is exactly the same picture I took when Janice and I went to visit Todd and Brianne and we walked around Mill lake! You can take a look at it at