Saturday, March 17, 2007

Two Date Nights??

Many of you can probably relate to the fact that after being married for a while, its tough to make "dating" a big priority. And by that I mean, "us" time---where its just the two of you and you get to bask in each other's goodness :)
Well for us this has been really tough lately. Jon has been working like a maniac these last few weeks, trying to manage full time framing, plus two other side jobs. On top of that we have other commitments like Thursday night Bible study, etc... So let's just say that "date nights" have been few and far between. This weekend was a treat!! We have had "us" time TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW!! We had agreed earlier in the week that Friday night would be a for sure "date night" and seeing as Jon has been working so hard lately, I thought we would have a nice evening at home together. So I went and rented a movie and got take-out from his favorite Thai food restaurant here in Chilliwack (*note: if you've never had food from Chili's in Chilliwack, YOU MUST!!! Its amazing food!). I also made us chocolate milkshakes and we spent such a nice evening at home :)

Then after working another Saturday, I thought that Jon would just want to stay at home. But he surprised me and we had a coffee date at our favorite coffee shop, Decades. It was wonderful!!
So I guess this post is a bit of a tribute to my very great husband. Jon---I appreciate how hard you've been working and I love you to bits!! Thanks for a being such a great date :)


Anonymous said...

Aaron and I get to spend heaps of time together whenever I'm not at work... which I love, but thanks for the reminder not to take that for granted. It is a wonderful gift. Although I am wondering what you put in the milkshakes...I would think milkshakes would bring on the smiles!

Jen said...

Yay for date night! Wait...I wouldn't know. BUT! I do know that you are great, and so is Jon, so my reasoning is that date night(s) must be great. I know Jon has been SO busy so I'm happy that you got some time just to be together. And Chili's food....YUMMY! I haven't eaten any Thai food for 7 months. HELP!!!
Can't wait 'til we get a sleepover :) Love ya,

Liz said...

I've had Chili's before! i'm sorry...i get so excited when people talk about things that remind me of home. Well, I guess chilliwack isn't 'home', but you know what i mean. Tim & Heidi took my family to Chili's once. All this makes me think i need to come home for a visit soon.

Glad you had a great date night!

The Gartners said...

So, when we come to visit in June, we should eat there. Sounds good. And I just gotta say, really cherish the date nights now, because if you think it's bad now, wait until you have a baby!! Of course, our situation is made worse by Clay being a student as well as working lots of evenings/weekends, but Caleb definitely puts a wrench into dating! It's totally worth it, but having babies sure does have a big effect on the marriage relationship!