Monday, March 19, 2007

Rain, Rain... Go AWAY!!!

One of these would have been much more effective today than my car. Can anyone else figure out what's up with the torrential rains!?? This weather is insane!!
No lie...we now have our very own lake in the front yard.


Jen said...

Can I come over for a swim?

Sparkalina said...

Hey Bonnie..

How funny!!!

Tha rain is reaching us here in Sydney too. It's been raining A LOT's crazy!!

Then again, I don't like summer, I love winter :) so maybe I'm in my element?

Or maybe not..cause it's been sticky and muggy while raining..



Anonymous said...

Well, at least it's not slated to SNOW! Come visit me. And you'll learn just how much Canoes can rock.

jamie said...

mmmmmmmmm...i love CHILES thai cuisine (not rain)..(referring to your other post). date nights are FUN! and super TOUGH to plan, i agree. anyway, frick, i need an extra 6 hours in a day, but anyway, what are you doing tomorrow night (wednesday?) Coffee? dessert? drink? if it works for you let me know email, blog, phone call. i want to see your new 'do in person! sorry, this post is sort of lacking in punctuation.
the rest of it will be better.
alright. my cell phone # is 703 9034... (am i not supposed to post that on a blog?) too late.
love ya!