Friday, February 16, 2007

Time for something different... yet familiar...

I wish I had some exciting news or something extraordinary to write about, but unfortunately, its been a pretty uneventful week. So instead, I'll post some pictures of my very cute niece and nephew--can't go wrong with that (just look at that adorable face...who wouldn't love her!) :)
Last night Jon had a "guy's games night" at our house so I escaped to his sister's place to see her and the kids. It's always so refreshing to see their smiling faces when I come in the door...and it was extra special last night because I hadn't seen them in almost a month! I love hearing Konrad squeal, "Auntie Bonnieeeee" as soon as he hears the door open. I can't believe how much he's grown up in the last few weeks!
Ava is already 6 months old!! She's growing up SO fast. And her chubby cheeks get more kissable each day :) These kids are the most incredible blessing!
I love you guys!


Jen said...

SO cute! and definitely the kind of cheeks that you just want to squeeze! Konrad is looking like a little man :) Glad you had a good night! You're probably their favorite aunt!!

Cyndy said...

They're cuties! I am loving being an auntie too, for sure. I think kids remind you not to take life and yourself too seriosuly and to appreciate the little things. Pretty cool.

Bonnie, so glad that you commented on my blog - hope that's okay that I added you to my link-list. I just find your blog really fun and I enjoy reading it. I know we don't really know each other very well - more know of each other through our BBI days (and through Hepburn people, etc.)...but I look forward to changing that through this crazy world of blogs!
I also was gonna tell you that I think it's phenominal that you're an interior designer - very cool. I went to school for graphic design, so see? We already have that in common.

Have a great day!

Heidi Epp said...

Can't go wrong with nieces and nephews. I had no idea how much a person could fall in love with thier siblings children. Cute. See you sunday...maybe.

thatsagoodmeatball said...

aw, man those kids are dolls! What is he the bath? Hahha.