Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Hard Day's Work... ;)

Well it was a long drive to work today. My boss is away on holidays again and the job we've been working on in Mission required more attention so I had to drive in first thing this morning. It wouldn't have been too bad had there not been an accident on the highway, making my usual 30 minute drive turn into well over 1 1/4 hours! A semi had turned over just outside of Chilliwack and if I had known sooner, I could have taken the back roads to Abbotsford...but unfortunately I was already on the highway when I realized. Oh well...at least I was getting paid to sit in my car :)

Anyway... I was kind of hoping this was going to be my last trip to Mission for this project but it looks like that is just a dream. We were supposed to get another big shipment of artwork to hang today but it never showed up so I guess I will be making another trip out there. Its too bad it didn't make it because all the big "head haunchos" are coming tomorrow from Toronto to see Carrington Place. Guess they'll just have to like it the way it is :)

So I thought I would show you some pictures of what it looks like so far (everything is done now, except for the artwork I mentioned). Carrington Place, for those that are unsure what I am talking about, is a condo-style Assisted Living complex for Seniors. And here is what my boss and I have been working on lately...

"Entry Lounge"

"Billiards Room"

"Main Entry & Foyer"

"Show Suite"

"Dining Room"

"Upper floor Lounge"

So seeing as I didn't have all that artwork to hang, my day at Carrington was shorter than I had anticipated. It was actually a nice thing because I had promised Jon I would stop by and visit him on the way home (the house they're framing is on my way home from Mission). So I was able to take the guys some Timmy Ho's and see the progress they've made on the house. Its looking good so far. And thankfully the rain had stopped long enough for them to enjoy their coffee :)


thatsagoodmeatball said...

Isn't it great to see all your hard work and planning BECOME something? I love to see a finished house I have worked on, it makes me feel like I have done something.

The place looks really nice! Nice colours (and I like the wallpaper in the entry), and the decor is very appropriate for a retirement home thingy. Cool.

Jen said...

Hey, Carrington looks good. Can I live there? My resume already has Homestyles on it after all! Ha ha. It really does look beautiful though-good job Bon! I hope you had some good tunes to sing to while waiting to get through the accident...belting out k.clarkson always passes the time...and I'm NOT at all suprised that your cookies turned out well. have faith sista, have faith.

Jamie said...

Hmmm, I tried to post a comment eariler and I guess it didn't work.

Anyway, what a fun job you have! I heard you were up at the house yesterday. I still haven't seen this house but I'd like to get over there sometime before they finish. Looks like the guys have a nice to day to be working outside today!

kathleen said...

I saw your siblings this weekend...and all I could talk about was how much I missed you!
How are you?
And we definitely need to talk...

Can you come decorate my house?

ha ha...WE NEED TO TALK!

Jen said...

Dearest Jovi: P.S. Love the new pic you chose. You look like you are enjoying your fries :) Oh, and I need your mailing address. (thought I'd clarify 'mailing' there just in case you thought I meant email address) heh heh heh
love yennifer

Erica said...

You know, you should really reconsider that s'toon option - especially this summer... I hear there are lots of fun summer time activities out this way... :) ? Love you guys... Scamma!