Saturday, December 02, 2006

From sunshine to....snow?

Well we're back. We arrived home from Palm Springs late Wednesday night and couldn't believe our eyes! Abbotsford was COVERED in snow! I mean, we had heard that the weather had been bad while we were away (thank goodness we chose to go the week we did) but we didn't expect quite this much.
Anyway...our vacation was AWESOME! We had such a wonderful week in the beautiful sunshine. The weather was really quite perfect, only one afternoon where it got a bit cloudy but other than that....the sun was out! I won't go into any great detail because really, we mostly just lay by the pool and read books, golfed a bit (well, Jon golfed a LOT, I only golfed a bit), shopped a bunch (the Thanksgiving sales down there were bigger than our Boxing day sales!), bombed around on the golf cart and just genuinely relaxed!
I PROMISE to post pictures and have in fact, been trying to do so all day, but my stupid Firefox browser is not co-operating and I can't get the pictures to upload. So stay will see pictures of sunny skys, blue pools, and palm trees very soon.

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Jen said...

I am happy you're home safe and sound! Glad to hear you had a great time :) Looking forward to seeing your pictures, but moreso, looking forward to seeing YOU, in less than 2 weeks! Woot woot!