Monday, November 13, 2006

A So Called "Long" Weekend

So I don't mean to complain, and I am sure there are many of you out there who also experienced a "non-long weekend" but I really felt jipped this weekend. Here's why. So seeing as I work at Chilliwack Decorating/Benjamin Moore ONLY on Mondays, and then work Tuesday-Friday at the interior design firm, I didn't get a long weekend. I WOULD have if I worked Monday-Friday at the design firm, because my boss doesn't work Saturdays and so Monday was her stat. But unfortunately, Ben Moore decided to take Saturday as their stat and seeing as I don't work there on Saturdays, that meant that they were open for business today. Therefore meaning NO LONG WEEKEND FOR ME!
But in spite of only having a two day weekend, it was still pretty good.
Friday night was the usual Todd & Brianne hangout night. The guys played vids at T&B's while Brianne and I did a little Christmas shopping. And although it started out quite unsuccessfully, I did manage to put a dent in my shopping list. I was quite proud actually because I'm usually shopping for gifts to the bitter end. Hopefully this year I'll be able to get it done sooner that later.

Anyway...Saturday was another shopping day only this time it was "mom's day out." My sister-in-law Naomi and I spent the day with our mom's. The day started with a little Tim Horton's, then Michael's, Linen N Things, Home Outfitters, Winners & HomeSense, lunch at The Pantry, and Costco to finish off the day. Quite enjoyable...especially because I found some great deals and put another little dent in my Christmas shopping list.

Sunday night was especially fun though. Brianne and I went to my cousin Annette's place for a "Stampin' Up" Christmas workshop. (For those that don't know what Stampin' Up is, its basically a scrapbooking/card making company that makes stamps, stamp pads and all kinds of those "crafty" supplies and they offer workshops.) The demonstrator Kerri took us through some different card making methods and then at the end we all got to craft our own Christmas card. I really enjoyed it because I used to spend a lot of time crafting things and doing scrapbooking, but have kind of stopped due to the busyness of life. It was good to be creative for an evening. And I am going to be hosting a Stampin' Up workshop in January so that will be fun too.

So I think I am going to attempt to make our Christmas cards this year. I know Brianne is planning on it, and the more I think about it, the more I think I would enjoy it. I have never taken on a task like making Christmas cards before and it intimidates me a bit just because of the number of them I'll have to make but hopefully it will work out. Guess time will tell :)


Chris and Vicky said...

Hey yo,
Yeah we'll totally have to hang out during the break. It's gonna be a packed week of excitement for us trying to see everyone in such a short amount of time. Hey, if you want to check out where I got my template, go to and then click on blogger templates. I don't know if there are any ones you'll like but check it out, it's always fun to swith things up a bit. Well, the snow is coming down once again. I guess I better wear appropriate foot gear for my walk across the train bridge tomorrow, I don't understand why someone doesn't clear that thing better. Anyways, I'm off to bed. Peace out.

Chris and Vicky said...

Hey Bonnie, yeah you just have to copy that whole script that comes up and paste it into your template and then delete your old one. Make sure though that you drag your links of other people's blogs into the section of the new one (in mine there was a place that said insert links here). The rest of your stuff should come up automatically in the new template. Hopefully it works!

Jen said...

hi hi...i am calling tonight. :)

Janelle said...

speaking of Christmas - you have to send me your address!!! :)

The Gartners said...

Welcome to the world of Stampin Up, Bon. Careful...once you're in, you can't get out. I'm in a club now, so we have a party every other month. I just had mine and got tons of stuff - it's at my om's house right now and I'm so excited to get it!!