Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Little Sister Time...

Well, I have posted quite a bit lately but I haven't really given an update on life in a while so I guess I should.
Last night, Viv and I had a little "sister bonding" time....did a bit of baking. It was quite enjoyable....well, it was AFTER I got past the frustration of my stupid beater not working. Grrrrr.....
Viv and I haven't hung out much lately so it was fun to just relax and do some catch up. Sisters are WONDERFUL hey!? (*Note: I am not actually eating the batter in that picture...just being a goof. But now that I look at it, it looks like I am actually licking the spoon. Rest assured...I AM NOT!)

Jon and I have both been quite busy with work. In fact, other than work, life has been pretty "uneventful." We are both really looking forward to our week in Palm Springs. Only a week and a 1/2 to go!
Work is going well though. I am glad to have my boss back after her 3 1/2 week holiday. Things got pretty stressful at the design firm while she was away. I managed to "run the fort" in her absence but its definitely nice to have her back.
Jon is LOVING his work right now. He was doing construction for his uncle in Mission but he's done that now. The last two weeks he's been doing an independent renovation for Nick's Lighting in Chilliwack. (He loves the fact that he doesn't have to commute anymore!) Nick's Lighting is a retail store here in Chilliwack, but they also have a warehouse that they are hoping to turn into a clearance store. So Jon's getting it ready for that---drywalling, mudding, painting, laying laminate flooring, and anything else it takes to get the warehouse up and running. He loves working independently and he also just loves the type of work he's doing. He's a real "jack of all trades" and enjoys the variety of his work.

Other than that, not much is new. So rather than rambling on about nothing, I'll sign off for now. But I promise to keep you informed if anything "exciting" happens in our lives in the days to come :) Have a great weekend everyone!


Jen said...

Those muffins look really yummy! Did Vivie straighten her hair? or does it just look that way? It looks really good.

Trev & Rebekah said...

Sister time is good. The last time my sister and I got together was in Aug. so we really do need to make a date.

I love batter when baking. Trev and I often make cookie dough for the fun of it and just eat it rather than bake it.

jamie said...

still waiting to hear about how the heck you are able to go to palm springs, lucky butt. fill me in. sisters are great!!! i agree. baking is delicious, what is with everyone baking and trying to make me look like a bad housewife? You, vicky...where does it end? and wheres my cupcake?
anyway, yeah.