Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Little MCC Fall Fair + Todd & Brianne = GOOD TIMES!

This weekend was the annual MCC Fall Fair in Abbotsford, so after work on Friday, Jon and I headed into Abby to enjoy some good Mennonite food and fellowship. We feasted on wonderful homemade verinike and farmer sausage for supper and spent the evening checking out the various displays. It was great fun....and it got even better when we ran into our friends Todd & Brianne. They walked around with us for a while and then invited us back to their place for a movie. So we stopped at Roger's for the "flick" and then walked over to Save-On for some "movie night treats"---including Todd's choice of over 1/2kg of Runts!! Anyway...we had an awesome time with them as usual and continue to praise God for blessing us with such great friends! Can't wait to hang out again soon---Hey Brianne, how 'bout a little CFP next time!!? :)

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