Sunday, August 13, 2006

Its been too long

So I will start by apologizing for my lack of blogging lately but life has been a bit chaotic to say the least. We were in Edmonton the last weekend in July for one of my Capernwray roomies weddings. Then we spent the first week of August down on the Oregon Coast with my family, camping....then we went to Whistler to celebrate our 1st anniversary, and then had my family stay with us for the next week. Both Jon and I had to go back to work this week so there hasn't been much time for blogging. But I am here now and will do my best to update you on the latest. First of all, just want to let you know that I am currently starting a new blog page (on IWeb) because as you know, I have had a tough time with uploading pics on this PC based website. So, making one on IWeb is FAR easier and quicker and as soon as I figure out how to actually get it on an internet site, I will let you know. But for now, I am stuck with this so I will try to be patient and get as many pictures on as possible.
Oregon was IN-credible....I highly recommend it to all you coast lovers! Totally beautiful landscape and lots of fun stuff to do and see. We camped in a place called Warrenton which is just a few miles South of Astoria, and then took day trips down to Seaside and Cannon Beach...which were particularly beautiful.
It was so awesome to have my whole family out here for holidays and to be able to go camping as a family. We had a blast and its always fun to laugh til our bellies hurt! Craig and Jen stayed at our place and my parents stayed with my sister Viv. The boys did a lot of golfing and us girls did a lot of shopping! They left Saturday morning and I miss them already!
Whistler was also really fun. Jon had planned quite a romantic getaway and we stayed in a super nice hotel, with in suite jacuzzi and all. We had a really nice dinner that night and just relaxed and enjoyed each other's company...which isn't too tough! we are back to reality for another week of work and then I, Bonnie, leave for Bethany Sports Camps next Saturday. I am going to coach at the volleyball camp and am really looking forward to connecting with those of you who I haven't seen in a while. Plus its always fun to play a little volleyball!
So, here a just a few pictures for you to enjoy and I'll blog again as soon as I get the chance! Have a great week!


Erik, Jamie, Micah & Baby said...

Hey Bonnie - I didn't realize you guys had a blog! I'll have to check in more often :) Yes, it would've been cool to see all of you, but I'm sure Craig & Jen will be spending more and more time out here now that his whole family is in the area! You guys look great!

karina said...

hi bonnie and jon :) yay, pictures of lovely people i know. i was so excited to see that and see your new blog. it sounds like you and jon are doing really well. awesome. congratulations on your first anniversary :)

Janelle said...

haha! typical Jenny - completley bundled!! love it! i'm glad you had a great time - but i'm also glad that i get them back soon!