Sunday, July 23, 2006

Just Me and the Boys

So a lot has happened this last week and I'll do my best to get you up to date on our lives (but try to follow along 'cause I'm going to work backwards). First of all I must say that I have been spoiled rotten for my birthday this week. Last night, Jon and I went to the Steve Nash Charity Classic basketball game at GM Place in Vancouver with two of our good friends, Jeff and Kevin. It was a sweet game with lots of ridiculous dunks and "show-off moves." Bedouin Sound Clash played at half time and to add to all the entertainment, there was a young kid sitting a few rows in front of us that was dancing his heart was absolutely hilarious! I thought Jon was going to die he was laughing so hard! It was truly a fun evening and its always awesome to get to see the great Canadian Steve, play ball!
On Friday (which was my real birthday...and no, I really don't feel any older) I got to spend the morning at Cultus Lake with a bunch of my girlfriends and my sister. It has been RIDICULOUSLY hot as we've been experiencing a heat wave for the last week or two and so the cold water felt unbelievably refreshing!
We soaked up the sun for a good part of the morning and afternoon and then I went home to spend some time with my hubby seeing as he got off work early. We went to the mall for a bit (enjoyed the air conditioning) and then he took me for a really nice dinner at Bozzini's. And then later in the evening, his parents took us out to Dairy Queen for "birthday ice-cream" :)
It really ended up being an awesome birthday! Oh and I can't forget the fun fondue party my friends had for me on Thursday night! We all got together at Jen's for some serious fruit and chocolate and caramel! It was so delicious and I must say that there is never a lack of laughter and "goofiness" when us girls get together! Thanks again girls for such a great night!


Nathan said...

Hey guys glad you joined the blog world. email me your phone # and I'll give ya a call some time. I'd love to catch up

Carly & Dana said...

Well, hello you two. This may be my first time on your blog (what can I say there is no internet on Cruise Street, sorry) but I do think of you often. I actually wanted to let you know that first, I have Steve and I are pretty tight (Steve Nash for you others out there). Oh yes, back at the Summer Games 2000 he came to see how I was after I tore every legament in my ankle (again). Second, I am in Abbotsford at the moment and will be until Wednesday when I fly out to Saskatoon. Sorry I didn't let you know earlier but it just kind of happened. I was talking about you guys the other night to someone, but I'll save that story for when I see you because I just realized that I am still typing this as a "comment" on your email me, I miss you guys!

betty said...

Happy Birthday Bonnie!...and is that fondue i see? yes good choice.

Jen said...

all i have to say is that you and jamie are HOT.