Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lots to report...

Life has been full these past weeks and we're excited to be coming to the end of another era.... our internship will be finished this coming week!!  Its been a really incredible time of learning, being part of an amazing team, being stretched, learning flexibility and all in all, experiencing God's goodness & provision.  But we're also really excited to be finished this chapter and moving on with the next steps for our family.

So... to start off the post, I'll give you a quick recap of life as of late.

Father's Day celebrations were awesome.  We celebrated with my family on Saturday evening.  The festivities started with peeling peas for dinner...  although I'm pretty sure Callie ate more than she put in the bowl.

Then we moved outside for some fun on the 'champoline' (as Callie calls it)...  

She loves this little guy SO much...

Then the Dad's got started on Grammy's latest purchase... a bouncy castle for Callie & Eli.  

The excitement built with each minute.  
They figured they better work together on moving this one... :)

Let the games begin!

"This tider has SHARP teef!"

On Sunday, we joined the rest of the Esau  clan at Uncle Jake & Auntie Lori's for the annual Father's Day pool party.  This is always our favorite Esau family gathering.  Its always so relaxing and fun to be able to swim in their pool.  I wasn't sure what Callie would think of it, considering it wasn't warm that day.  But Uncle Jake had warmed the pool up to 88 degrees so it was really more like a warm bath :)

Still not too sure...

Turns out, she LOVED it!  
We couldn't get her to come out once she was in.
She honestly would've stayed in all night if we had let her.

Spending some time with my sweet niece, Lily.
Also just a little proof that I did, in fact, attend said gathering :)

Last week was incredibly busy.  We had something up every single evening.  Monday night we celebrated my nephew Konrad's 7th birthday.  Tuesday I had Callie's long-awaited allergist appt. in Vancouver (much to my disappointment, she IS allergic to peanuts and all other nuts.  Epi pen is officially in the diaper bag at all times.  Life changer for sure... but that's a whole 'nother story :)) and then Tuesday evening, we met our dear friends, the Reimers, at Mill Lake for some park time and dessert.  It was a gorgeous day and the splash park was up and running.  I didn't think to take Callie's bathing suit so after some begging, and Corina offering one of their towels, I finally gave in and let Callie run around in her clothes.  You honestly would have thought she had won the lottery!  She squealed and screamed in delight as she splashed in the puddles and ran under the shower heads, fully clothed.  She looked like a drowned rat by the time she was finished but it was so worth it.  I can't believe I didn't get a picture of it.

The only dry clothes we had for her were her pj's so she borrowed some of Chase's clothes.  She looked like a little tom-boy all dressed in army green :)  Here she is, playing catch with "Auntie" Corina...

"I did it!" 

 The Reimers are going to be doing MTE training with MB Mission this fall and will join us in Thailand after that.  We're excited to have another young family joining us there and can't wait to be 'family' with them!

Let's just say that the coloring didn't stay on the paper that was provided... :)
Jesse & Chase

Our newest family members... :)

On Wednesday night, we were invited to the Heywood's for dinner.  Dave & Sarah are new to Chilliwack and Dave will be starting the residency program here next week.  They have 2 sweet girls named Kara & Emily and we had an awesome evening with them.  Thanks again for the yummy food and great conversation guys!  We look forward to getting to know you more over the next few months!

Thursday night was our church's annual "Volunteer Appreciation" dinner.  Seeing as we're still interns at church, we got roped into helping with the decor for the evening's event.  The theme was "tailgate party" and it actually ended up being pretty fun to put together.  We got some truck boxes to put at the front of the gym, complete with lawn chairs & coolers, Jon and I painted a mural of a famous baseball stadium scoreboard and we finished the tables with some cute 'tailgate party' sports items...

Everyone came dressed in their favorite sports team jerseys and we all enjoyed an evening of fun, good food, games & good laughs.  I'd say it was a huge success!

Well... that's all I've got for now.  The sun is shining and we've been invited to the Massie's for a pool party this afternoon so I better go get our suits packed :)  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Trish said...

You got some CUTE photos of the babes !
Great job on the decorations for V.A. night :)

Jen Glen said...

Okay...trampoline?!?! Where did that come from?! And how is that whole peanut allergy thing going to work in Thailand? Aren't a lot of their sauces made from nuts?

Trev and Rebekah said...

I am sure it's wonderful to think about another family with young kids to join you over there. I know we are praying for families with young kids to join us when we go too. Sorry to hear of the allergy. Glad you found that out though

Bonnie said...

Jen-- the trampoline has always been there. Its just over in Walt & Lenora's yard. They said the kids can use it anytime and now its become "the" thing when we're at Nammy's house :)
And as for the peanut allergy, basically, Callie won't be able to eat at the vendors. The allergist said unless I can read every label of everything that has gone into the dish, she can't eat it. And we must have an epi pen with us at ALL TIMES. So pretty much... we'll have to be really careful and trust the Lord to take care of her over there. Its a bit scary though, I'll admit.

Lexi said...

So wierd seeing Corina in your pics!! I know the Reimers and the Heywoods!! Small world. So excited that you get to be with Jason and Corina in Thailand. That is awesome! Say hi to them from me!