Monday, November 08, 2010

Quick update...

Many of you have been asking how my Mom is doing, how our discernment meeting went, etc., so I thought I'd send you a quick update.

My Mom got into St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver last Thursday and the new surgeon re-ran all of her tests. It was a little discouraging for her to have to go through all of the ultrasounds, scopes, etc. all over again (she was originally told that wouldn't be necessary) but she was thankful that the new surgeon was at least making her a priority. The tests went well and she is officially on the list for surgery. Looks like it will most likely be sometime in January. Mom said she definitely feels like she's in good hands as this new surgeon said there is some new technology that can detect nerves within scar tissue. Although St. Paul's doesn't actually have this technology, he said he's going to do all he can to get his hands on it for her surgery. So you can pray that would be possible!
And, one neat thing that happened last Thursday-- after finishing one of Mom's tests, the surgeon came into the room and asked: "Do you have influence here?" She shook her head & he replied that he had never received a report from their Ultasound Dept. so quickly! She smiled & thought.....aaah yes. I DO have influence :)
So your prayers are definitely having impact. Thank you for praying and please continue to do so!

As for discernment with MBMSI, we met with their lead team today. It was a good meeting and both Jon and I felt very relaxed.... like chatting with old friends :) We came away from it, feeling very at peace and knowing that God has had this planned all along, and already knows the outcome. Therefore, we have peace in knowing that He has good plans for us. MBMSI will be announcing teams/locations on Wednesday afternoon, so we'll let you know as soon as we know!

Other than that, life continues to fly by. Hard to believe we only have just over a month left in training. This time has been busy, somewhat stressful at times, but also very fruitful and encouraging. We continue to anticipate the exciting times ahead!

So with that, I'll sign off for now and we'll be updating you again, after Wednesday's big announcement.


Mel said...

I very much anticipate hearing on Wednesday. I remember that time in our training VERY well. Anticipation, excitement, nerves, etc. ALL of it. Thinking of you guys.

karina said...

Thanks for the update on your mom. I was thinking about her and wondering how she was doing. We will keep praying for her. And I look forward to hearing your news too!

Anonymous said...

Please keep the updates coming! I have been praying for you guys...for your Mom especially!