Friday, September 25, 2009

Baby showers & bargains...

My dear friend Ginny threw a shower for Callie last Sunday and to say that she got spoiled is an understatement. :) So many of my wonderful friends came out to celebrate and brought Callie the most delightful gifts. I've been to so many showers where the person gets a million pink onesies, (which is great too) but not this time. We got such a neat variety of sweet, girly things and I can't wait for Callie to wear them. Everything from hats, to furry boots; vests, hoodies, sleepers, a beautiful picture frame, and so much more. Thank-you again for your generosity everyone! It was fabulous spending the afternoon with you all... Callie & I were so blessed by you!

Digging in to the tasty treats

My friend Lauren makes the most incredible cakes and made a beautiful one for the shower. She's started a little business now so if you're needing a cake for a special occasion, and you want it to taste delicious AND look amazing, let me know and I'll give you her number.
The bottom layer was a chocolate cake w/ peanut butter filling and the top layer was a white cake w/ mocha filling. SOOOO scrumptious!

Jamie & Callie

Opening all the wonderful presents

I was worried that Callie would be a grump the whole time because it was during her nap time. But she did very well and even fell asleep for a while in Lauren's arms. When she was awake, she was actually a pretty happy camper, bar a few small 'melt-downs.' :)

Hailey came all the way from Vancouver for the shower. I hadn't seen her in ages so it was a sweet little reunion and first introduction to Callie.

Me & the beautiful hostess, Ginny

As for another story of being "spoiled," our neighbours stopped by the other day with a card for us and inside was a $50 gift card for Please Mum! We don't actually know our neighbours that well so we were not only touched by the fact that they had got us a card, but $50... that's unbelievably generous!! We had also received another Please Mum card from one of Jon's Great Aunts a while ago, so today, Callie and I went on a little shopping spree. Much to my delight, they were having a big sale and I came away with a ton of cute stuff...
And... after perusing Craig's List today, I stumbled across an ad for a jogging stroller. I've joined the walking/running class at our church's "Women's Break" on Tuesday mornings so I've been on the hunt for a running stroller seeing as our stroller is just a regular day-to-day one. The ad said that one minor clip on it was broken and that one of the tires has a really slow leak in it, (only about $10 to fix) but they only wanted $40 for it! So I went to check it out and was thrilled when I saw it. Its not in "mint" condition but considering its a couple years old, its definitely in really good condition. And heck... for $40, I figured I can't go wrong. So today was definitely the day of bargains! I love days like today. :)


Leanne said...

Have you discovered the world of baby swaps yet? They're amazing :)

Sabrina said...

What a beautiful cake! Looks like you have a wonderful group of girlfriends - isn't it neat to know you and your baby are so loved?

And what a GREAT find that jogging stroller is! We had people from church give us a very gently used one, and although I don't jog - it's great to rollerblade behind, and is just much more friendly on rough terrain than our regular stroller.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Jen Glen said...

That Lauryn is creative in EVERY aspect! Wow! That cake was amazing! And Callie was wearing that cute dress you got when she was born!! How adorable!