Saturday, June 13, 2009

Our newest addition...

... unfortunately, I'm not talking about our baby.  Sorry... didn't mean to get anyone's hopes up :)  

Jon and I finally got a new camera this week!  Our other one (which we've had for over 5 years now) has been on the fritz for a while and has been completely unpredictable.  I'm never quite sure how the pictures will turn out, regardless of how clear they may look on the camera's screen.  And for the most part, they always seem to be blurry and out of focus.  A camera wasn't exactly something we had been planning on investing in any time soon, but with babe's due date quickly approaching, we wanted to be sure that we'd get some good shots of him/her when we welcome them into the world.  So, we started doing some research and finally decided on the Canon SX110 IS.  We've been watching the flyers and checking the stores for sales, and finally, we found it for a great price at FutureShop on Thursday night.  We haven't really had a chance to play around with it much yet, but are very impressed with the little we have seen so far.

One of the biggest reasons we rushed out to hunt for the camera on Thursday night, was due to the fact that things seemed to be progressing in the way of labour.  I use the word "seemed" quite strongly because unfortunately, things came to a halt fairly soon after that.  But none the less, we thought that "little kicker" may be joining us sooner than we had expected, and figured we'd better get the camera before it was too late :)

I had my weekly doctor's appt. on Tuesday.  They told me a while back, that they would start sweeping my membranes at the 38 week mark, in hopes of preventing induction.  The idea of having things start naturally sounded great to me, and of course, the thought of not having to go overdue seemed perfect as well.  So Tuesday's appt. marked the first attempt.  To my disappointment (even though it wasn't that surprising), the doctor wasn't quite able to do the sweep, as my cervix was still hard and tough to reach.  He and the nurse tried to encourage me that "things change very quickly" and I shouldn't lose hope.  They'd try again next week.

So off I went, a bit discouraged, but trying to tell myself that it wouldn't be much longer.  Well... by the next day, I started to feel "different."  I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but I knew that I was feeling somewhat out of the ordinary.  And sure enough, I lost my "plug" later that afternoon.  Then, throughout the night, and into the afternoon on Thursday, I felt incredibly crampy and uncomfortable.  After talking to my friend's mom (who is a maternity nurse), it became clear that I most likely had lost my mucus plug and could very well go into labour at any point.  Or.... it could still be a matter of weeks :(  But, none the less, Tuesday's exam had obviously progressed things to some degree, and that was encouraging.  

So as soon as Jon got home from work on Thursday, it was quickly decided that we'd grab something to eat at the mall and do a lot of walking, in hopes of starting labour.  Plus, get the camera while we were at it ;)  But... much to my dismay, all cramping & mild contracting completely stopped by the time evening hit and I had a strong feeling that there wasn't going to be any action that night. 

Turns out, I was right.  So... we went for a LONG walk at the river trail last night, hoping that maybe, JUST MAYBE, it would be enough to get things going.  Jon and I both agreed that having the baby on the weekend would be fantastic because then he wouldn't have to miss as much work during the week.  But, we all know that these things are out of our hands :)  
I did have some mild contractions while we were walking, and a few in the middle of the night, but again... no real action.

So... I guess Jr. isn't quite ready to make his/her appearance just yet.  I know I'm still a week away from my due date, but my brother & sister-in-law arrive for a visit from SK, on June 29 and it would be SO nice to be somewhat "on the road to recovery" before they get here.  I only get to see them once a year so I'd really like to be able to enjoy our time with them, and think it would be so much easier to do so, if I'm not just getting out of the hospital when they arrive.  But again, I realize that its all in God's hands and His timing will be just right, even if its not my timing.  

My doctor will be sweeping my membranes every week now (or as many times a week) as is necessary to avoid going overdue so hopefully, this Tuesday's appt. will be successful.  If not, I guess we'll just keep waiting, as patiently as is humanly possible at this point, and going for more river walks :)  I'll be sure to keep you all posted... 


Rachel said...

Sounds like things are getting exciting! I remember those last days.

We bought the exact camera a year ago after our other Canon completely died on us. We LOVE it! The extra zoom is very handy and I can't think of a single picture of our little guy where we've had problems with red eye because of the way the flash is mounted. I think you will be impressed.

All the best with these last few days!

Jen said...

I admit my stomach did drop for a second, but then rational kicked in and I thought, "No way would I be finding out via the blog!" All that in the second it took me to read the title and the first sentence! Amazing how our brains work! I'm praying baby arrives before we do as well, Bon.

The A Team said...

Hi Bonnie..I enjoy reading your blog. I am a friend of Jamie's. I hope things go well w/ the new baby! Can't wait to see pics, name, etc:)

Susanne said...


I too agree with Jen.....sisters need to know these things before it reaches the blog....even if we both are sister in laws:) We need to chat soon....hopefully before the little one comes and there's no time for it:)

Leanne said...

Can't wait to hear the news! Hopefully sooner than later :) But remember that lungs are ready when they're ready and you'd rather have a healthy baby than a NICU stay... (Sorry...I still can't resist saying that even after 3 years.)

Much love these last few days!

Anonymous said...

Don't just walk, climb stairs! The night my water broke with Ephy I climbed the stairs in our apartment building so many times I thought I'd puke... from exhaustion... not the regular pregnancy puking that happened 8 - 10 times a day EVERY day of my entire pregnancy.

Whenever it happens, I'm excited to see your bundle!


Lettner Family said...

Hang in there! Try not to get discouraged if baby doesn't come before his/her due date. Baby will come when baby is ready. Analise was 13 days late and she was only 7lbs. had she come on her due date she would have been teeny. Granted...she got big FAST, but she came right when God wanted her to come. I sure wanted her to come A LOT earlier than that!

Walk, walk, walk and rest as much as you can. Enjoy these last few days with Jon. Life will be so different, full, joyful, exhausting, and amazing in just a short time!

Richard and Kristy said...

My body was ready for baby(I was 2cm dialated and very soft) and my dr. swept my membranes and I delivered Brett that night. Crazy how the sweeping (as uncomfortable as it is) works really well! Can't wait to hear from you guys and see your little one.

N. Toft said...

Amen to's SO hard to wait but ENJOY these last few days as a family of 2!

I was walking around with a soft cervix for a month, 2cm for a week 3cm for another week...and God's timing was absolutely perfect even thought I thought he was crazy to make me wait...I couldn't have scripted it better myself.

Looking forward to next blog, whether or not it includes a baby announcement! No pressure!


Montana said...

Dang I thought you'd had your baby for a second! :) But cameras are nice too! Just not as cute.
Apparently one of the most effective and the most natural ways of encouraging labor to start is a lot of sex. Not so much glamorous when you're 9 months pregnant but hey, why not!? :)
Can't wait to hear your baby's here!

Chris and Lizann said...

Looks like a fabulous camera! You'll have to show me at Tyler's wedding. Good luck with the patience and eventual labor sweetie!!!

hailey said...

NICE CAMERA BON!!!!! Can't wait to see some gorgeous shots that will come from that thing. Especially some BEAUTIFUL baby pics. :) :)