Wednesday, February 04, 2009


It struck me today how often I used to post. When I look back to my posts of 2006 & 2007, I can hardly believe that I was able to come up with 14+ posts per month at times. That equals out to writing pretty much every other day! Wow... not sure how I was able to find that much to write about but I do know that I can't even come close to that these days. Oh well. Life is still good :) And I do still enjoy blogging... just don't take as many pictures anymore and feel less inclined to update as frequently, I suppose.

Some of you have been wondering how I've been feeling lately and I am happy to report that things are definitely getting "better." I use that lightly because I'm not exactly "in the clear" just yet. I was up for most of the night last night, with intense pain in my side and back again, and then I had it again at lunch today. But other than that, things have improved significantly. I'm still completely baffled (as is everyone else, I think!) as to what is wrong with me, but I just continue to pray that God will take it away soon.

I hit the 5 month mark on Monday and am pretty excited at the thought of being half way through this pregnancy. Jon and I spent some time on the weekend, browsing the baby section at Sears and had a lot of fun looking over strollers and playpens. Plans are brewing in my head of what the nursery will look like and we'll start to make some "big" purchases soon.

Basketball is winding down for Jon. If I'm not mistaken, they only have another week or two until playoffs start. He thinks they have a fairly good chance of making playoffs but we'll have to see how the next few games go and where they get placed in the rankings. Its been a good season-- the team has improved by leaps and bounds over the last few months. But I will be very happy to get my hubby back when its all over :) He's had bball every evening for the last week and a half, including the weekend, so we're both hoping for more "free time" once the season comes to a close.

Work has really slowed down for me lately. The looming recession (I say looming because I'm still not convinced that we've hit the worst of it yet) has really affected our industry and unfortunately, there just isn't enough work for both Tara and I right now. So as of next week, I'm cutting back to 3 days a week. Financially, this is a scary thought right now but at the same time, I can't say I didn't see it coming. I'm just thankful that they didn't have to lay me off completely. I have a possible lead on some other temporary work for the other 2 days a week, so we'll see if that works out. It would be great if it did, but if not, I guess I'll just try to enjoy the slower schedule before baby comes, and trust that God has things under control. I'm sure He does :) If things pick up again, I will be able to go back to full time before I take my mat leave, but for now, we'll just have to see what happens.

We've had some gorgeous weather lately and I've been extra thankful for it, considering how low my spirits have been through all of my recent physical fiascos. Its also nice to have daylight later in the day and arrive home from work before its pitch black outside. Makes it feel like there is actually life outside of working :)


Anonymous said...

Hi,I'm a friend of Janelle's and don't know you but came across your blog last week. Have they ruled out a kidney infection? Your symptoms sound exactly like mine when I had one. I had a UTI that spread into one of my kidneys, started some antibiotics and was better within a couple of days.
I had a month old baby and thought that it was kidney stones from the pregnancy but it wasn't...
Just a suggestion, if it hasn't been ruled out already! Hope you are feeling better soon!

Tim and Kelsie-Lynn said...

You look awesome Bonnie! We are still praying for you guys! Have fun picking out all of those big purchases and setting up your nursery.

Sally said...

I'm glad things are getting better Bonnie B. You're looking so cutie patootie these days!

Also, I like the new look of your blog!

Heidi Epp said... makes me strangely happy to see that shirt put to good use again. It was one of my favorites because it fit me throughout. Nice.