Thursday, December 18, 2008

Just around the corner...

Its hard to believe that Christmas is only 7 days away! I never did get around to my Christmas baking this year, nor did I get any Christmas cards written or mailed. Oh well... I've finally come to the realization that with the craziness of life, I can't "do it all." So if you were expecting a Christmas card this year or a tasty treat, I'm very sorry--- maybe next year! :)

I'd love to post some new pictures but unfortunately, that is another thing I don't seem to think of these days. I haven't pulled my camera out in ages. So in order to add a little "color" to this post, I stole this adorable picture of my niece & nephews from Naomi's blog. I just can't get enough of these three and their constant cuteness!

As I mentioned in my last "Christmas post," this has been our busiest December, BY FAR. I think we've had something up every single evening for the last two weeks and the madness won't end until we've hit 2009. Then again, does the madness ever really end :) I was in our church's Christmas production this year and it proved to be quite a big commitment. Between singing practices, a 4 hour dress rehearsal and then 7 performances (yes... you read that right. We had 3 nights of 6:30pm & 8:30pm showings and 1 night of just one performance). I'd say the production was a huge success and everyone involved did a fantastic job. But I'm kind of hoping they keep it down to just a few performances next year if I'm involved again. It made for some very busy evenings.

We had our first snowfall yesterday and as I posted earlier, it got to "blizzard" conditions. They closed most of the highway between Chilliwack & Abbotsford early in the afternoon and then apparently closed the rest of it after 6pm. I'm really glad I have a sister in law in Abby that was willing to let me stay with her for the night. Though I'm also thankful to hear that the roads have improved today and I shouldn't have any trouble getting home tonight. Driving in the snow doesn't really intimidate me after growing up in Saskatchewan, but our little Yaris is extremely light compared to our old Volvo and doesn't handle quite as well in this weather.

Here are the upcoming "highlights" of our busy Christmas season:

Dec. 20/08
-- Saturday morning Christmas brunch with our small group from church.
-- A quick afternoon trip to the States for the last few gifts.
-- Glen family Christmas in the evening at Mom & Dad's, as well as a birthday celebration for my sister Viv.
Dec. 21/08
-- Extended Esau family Christmas gathering at Grandma & Grandpa Esau's.
Dec. 24/08
-- Christmas Eve service at Erich & Naomi's church (Konrad & Ava are in the kids production this year and we can't wait to see them up there singing!)
Dec. 25/08
-- Esau family Christmas at Erich & Naomi's.
Dec. 26-28/08
-- Surprise weekend getaway to Vancouver with Jon (I decided to surprise him this year. He knows we're going to Vancouver, but doesn't know where we're staying or what we'll be doing. We haven't done anything like this in a long time so I'm VERY excited about getting away, just the two of us!)
Dec. 31/08-Jan. 4/09
-- Getaway to "The Hills" ranch in 108 mile house with Jon's family. Rather than gifts this year, we told Mom & Dad Esau that we'd like to do a family trip. We're really excited about spending a few days skating, snowboarding, playing games, going for a sleigh ride... Hopefully it won't be TOO cold :)

So... if I don't get a chance to do anymore blogging before Christmas, Happy Holidays to you and your families and have an awesome time celebrating the Christmas season! Blessings to you.


Niki said...

An exciting!
Merry Christmas to you guys!

Erich, Naomi, Konrad, Ava and Calvin said...

Looking forward to a fun filled Christmas with you guys! You guys are coming to the Christmas Eve service?!

Jen said...

Yikes! That's a lot to do in a short period of time. Are you working in there too or did the shop close for awhile over Christmas. I'm very bummed that you won't receive your gifts from us in time for the Glen gathering (I had no idea it would be so early, should have guessed though with that sister and brother-in-law of ours!) Hope you enjoy them when they do finally make an appearance. Give everyone hugs and kisses from us and if you give us a call Craig won't be home from 7-9pm our time. Love you!

Leanne said...

Wow, that's wild! I hope you have such a good Christmas. It's too bad that it didn't work out for us to connect, but we will in the New year!
Merry Christmas!!

Lettner Family said...

Busy bee! Hope you are able to slow down here and there and enjoy such special moments with Jon this season!! Love you!!