Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Winter wonderland... in June??

Every year the Esau women get together for a little "getaway" weekend. This year we went to Big White (just outside of Kelowna). Unfortunately, I didn't get too many pictures of the occasion but I will add the few that I did get, and of course, an adorable video of Ava being her cute little self.
We were surprised to wake up to this sight on Saturday morning...

We actually got quite a bit of snow. Especially considering it is June!!

Calvin was the only guy that was allowed to join us ladies... and was a huge hit, as always :)

Ava and Calvin woke up EARLY on Saturday morning (as in, 4:30am!) so needless to say Ava was ready for a nap by 10:30am. She and Susie fell asleep together in our room. Too cute!

This was a common sight throughout the weekend as well. Lots of knitting, sitting and relaxing...

My wonderful sisters-in-law preparing our lunch on Saturday...

We finished off Saturday by heading into Kelowna for shopping and dinner out. We ate at a tiny little place called "Mama Rosa's" and though the food was excellent, it was pretty crowded when our group of 15 showed up.

After supper we got ice-cream and walked along the waterfront. It ended up being a gorgeous evening, complete with lots of sunshine and wind :) I stole a few of these pictures from Naomi's blog seeing as I forgot my camera at the condo...

It was a fun weekend and I must say it was pretty neat to be able to say I spent my June weekend in the snow :)


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