Friday, March 28, 2008

busy as a bee...

Not sure how the rest of you feel, but life just seems to be passing by at warp speed these days. I can't believe we're almost into April already. Yikes!

I suppose part of the reason life feels as though its flying by is due to being back at work full time again. I leave the house at 7:20am and don't get home until after 5:00pm, so it doesn't leave much time for other things. But for those that have been wondering about me, work is going really well. I'm just blown away at how God has orchestrated everything and how quickly I've adjusted and felt comfortable in my new position. I'm really enjoying it and love everyone I work with! I'm actually starting to feel really sad that Tara will be leaving for mat leave soon. I absolutely love working with her and its going to get pretty lonely without her :) But I guess I can't complain because if it wasn't for the baby coming, I wouldn't even have this job :) Nonetheless, work is going great!

The month of April is going to be a busy one for us, and everything that's coming up is fun and exciting so hopefully I'll have more to post about in the days to come. Here are just a few of the big countdowns I've started:
20 days 'til Mom G's birthday

22 days 'til my best friend Jen comes home for a visit

27 days 'til Craig & Jen arrive for the wedding

28 days 'til Tara's due date (therefore leaving me
"on my own" at work)

29 days 'til Viv & Rich's wedding day

Definitely all great stuff to countdown to but it also means life will be passing by at an even faster rate. Just hope we're able to take it all in and enjoy every minute while we can.

Well, I better get back to work :) Hope you're all doing well and enjoying life no matter what the pace...


Kendall & Sabrina said...

It's so good to hear that you continue to enjoy work. I'm sure it makes the longer days away from home much more bearable!!

And wow...what an exciting month ahead for you. It's crazy how time just keeps whizzing by...but at least there's lots to look forward to with the coming of summer!

Oh...I forgot to mention - you'd asked what our countertop was... no, not silestone or any other fancy natural material. Plain old laminate. But it's nice to think it could pass as something a bit nicer!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend.

thatsagoodmeatball said...

Great news that you have a new job that you love!