Friday, October 12, 2007

Autumn update

I wouldn't normally post while I'm at work but its turning out to be a very boring afternoon. My boss is away on holidays (yes, again) and there isn't much for me to do, so rather than just sit here and twiddle my thumbs, I thought I'd try to come up with something to write about.

Our pace of life is finally slowing to a rate that I feel I can keep up with. The last few months have been a whirlwind, so I'm looking forward to a less intense October and November. As I've said in previous posts, my job has been "go, go, go" for the last few weeks, in preparation for my boss leaving on holidays. It was busy but still fun and I'm glad that we got everything done while she was still here so that I don't have to be stressed out now. She'll be gone for about a month and to be honest, I'm actually really looking forward to some time off. Its not great in the whole "financial dept." to have a bunch of time off, but I feel like I can use some "me time" after the month we've had. I'll only be working Tuesdays & Wednesdays while she's away so if anyone wants to hangout, please let me know--- I'm sure I'll have more than enough time :)

Jon has been busy with all kinds of reno jobs and will be starting a big commercial framing job in the next few weeks. He's really enjoyed a slower pace too and its been so nice to have him around in the mornings before I leave for work, and coming home to him at the end of the day. The latest "breaking news" in his life is that he has been officially named "head coach" of the Sardis Secondary Senior Boys basketball team. He's been itching to coach for quite a while and finally decided to be proactive about it. So he got in touch with the Athletic director at the local high school and asked if he could get involved. It just so happened that they were looking for a head coach and Jon was "exactly what they were looking for." They're having their first 'open gym' next Wednesday evening so Jon can meet some of the guys that will be trying out. He's SO excited about this opportunity (as am I!!) and we can't wait to see what God has in store for him and the team. I may even get the chance to help out a bit with practices and am also looking forward to getting involved with sports again. Both of us have missed team sports a LOT since we left college. Should be a good season!!

I feel like I have a lot to look forward to in the next few weeks. Jon and I are going for a little weekend away on Oct.26-27. We're just going into Vancouver but it will still be nice to get out of the 'Wack for a few days :) There is a special NBA game in Vancouver that Friday night--- the Phoenix Suns (our favorite team) will be playing the Seattle SuperSonics so we're going to stay the night at a downtown hotel. That way we don't have to drive home late on Friday after the game and can do some shopping/relaxing on Saturday. Then the next weekend, Nov.1-3, I'm going to Seattle with Jon's mom, aunt & sisters. Aunt Lori is coming to visit from Edmonton so we thought we'd do a girls weekend while the Canadian dollar is so strong (our dollar is finally worth more than the US!!) I'm really looking forward to it... Seattle is such a great city and it will be fun to do a weekend with "just the girls." :)

Other than that, not much is new. We've really been enjoying the crisp autumn air and all that this season brings. We are having our first garage sale in our complex tomorrow so I'm hoping we can get rid of LOTS of junk and clear out our basement & garage a bit :) Its supposed to be gorgeous & sunny tomorrow... I sure hope they're right!

(pictures taken last autumn at our place in Rosedale)


Anonymous said...

Hey Bonnie,
That's funny that you said you guys are going to that game in Vancouver. I was just looking for tickets for that game today but I couldn't find any. You know we're up for hanging out any time too because things are slowing down for us as well. Chris just got a full time teaching job at Vedder Middle today which was were he was a sub for the past couple weeks so things are looking up. That's pretty sweet that Jon got that coaching job. Chris will probably coach too if they want him to at Vedder but if not maybe he can be Jon's assistant. haha. Anyways, have a good weekend selling your junk. Hopefully we'll see you guys soon.

Janelle said...

i think you guys should come to S'toon for a visit! that would be SO much fun!! then you, me & Jenny could make the LONG trek to the border for some shopping too!!! :)
love you chickie.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you're getting a bit of time off Bonnie. You never know what might transpire in those slower moments... May God grace you with rest for your body, soul, and spirit.

Jen said...

Holla! It was great to talk to you last night :) We should do it more often..haha. I love you SO MUCH and am praying for you always. You are great! GREAT!! You hear that??? GREAT!!!!!

Leanne said...

Fantastic for Jon! Wahoo!
I'd love to hang out again if you have time - it's pretty crazy for the rest of October, but come November...?
Enjoy your time off - sounds like a fun weekend coming up for you :)

Hailey said...

BON! I liked this post a lot! I am trying to catch up on my blog readings. So this was a nice update. That is really exciting for Jon and the basketball thing. :) I am sure you will end up at many of the games being a cheerleader. haha (Even though you will probably just want to join the team!!!) I wish I was there this month because it sounds like we'd have lots of time for coffee! But hopefully there will be lots of time once I'm actually there.
Have SO MUCH FUN on your escapades to Vancouver and Seattle. Getaways are the absolute best!
take care! Love ya!!!!