Thursday, August 09, 2007

The tale of an august long weekend...

Even though its already the weekend again, I figured I'd share a quick post from last weekend.
Jon's best friend Tyler came down to visit us from Prince George so we decided to make the most of the long weekend and headed down to Seattle on Saturday morning. Thankfully my friend Jen was able to join us because Jon & Tyler wanted to see the Mariners play the Red Sox. Now those of you that know what a sports fan I am may be surprised to hear that I didn't want to tag along with the boys. But I confess... I have a hatred for watching baseball. I enjoy playing it, but absolutely cannot stand watching it. Whether its on TV or live, baseball is not my thing. I find it agonizingly boring.
Anyway... Jen and I opted for shopping downtown instead. I think we're both still a little unsure as to whether that was the greatest idea but we did it and that's that. Although downtown Seattle is a wonderful place, I will admit that 7 1/2 hours of shopping is a bit much--- thank goodness for Barnes & Noble and Starbucks :)

We spent the night camping in LaConner (Tyler's parents were on vacation there) and then spent most of Sunday exploring Deception Pass (just 15 minutes away). I had heard of Deception Pass but had never been there. Let me tell you... it was breathtaking. I would've liked to have spent a lot more time hiking around and exploring the beach below but seeing as Jen and I both had flip flops on, we weren't up for the trek. But we had an awesome time wandering around and taking pictures.

We finished off the trip with a visit to the Burlington outlets and appy's at Applebee's. Thanks again for an awesome weekend guys! Hope to see you again soon Tyler... thanks for making the trip down to see us!!


Janelle said...

Bon! that picture 4th from the bottom of you & Jon is amazing! probably the best pic of you two EVER! i just love it! :)
and HAPPY belated anniversary! oh how time flies when you're in love!

p.s. if you're ever bored & feel like chatting - i loved talking to you a few weeks back. love ya.

Leanne said...

Well, time to comment. Your friend Jen looks very much like a friend I had in high school...interesting. We could probably play the "who do you know" game, because I used to live in Chilliwack (well, Yarrow, actually), went to school in Sardis.
Anyway, I appreciate that you've commented on my blog...I did respond once, if you check back. It's fun to meet people in this weird blog world. It's sad that the way we met was through a tragedy, but I'm very glad to 'meet' you.

Leanne said...

Thanks for your comment, once again :) I don't know if you have the blog feature that notifies you of a comment on any post...but I scrolled through your blog and found Jamie, Julie, and Laurie, all who I knew during high school. Weird, hey?
I LOVED your Europe pics. They brought back so many memories of our trip. Europe is such a great vacationing place.
I think we're destined to meet...

Leanne said...

Ooh, let's do it!