Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Part 2- "Featuring Greece & Turkey"

Alright... you've all been waiting very patiently for the next round of cruise pictures so here they are. I won't do too much "journaling" because I'm quickly realizing that I won't get through everything if I do... So I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
The following pictures are from Katakolon, Greece where the very first Olympic Games were held. The ruins were captivating and we really enjoyed our visit to Olympia.

This is where the athletes used to train, hence the flexing of my "huge" muscles :)

And this was one of the many "bath houses" you can see, Jon is giving a wonderful demo of how they might have "bathed" in ancient times :)

This was just a really cute little cafe we passed by on our way into town... doesn't it just take you away...

Our next port was Izmir, Turkey which was probably a highlight for both Jon and I. It is where ancient Ephesus is and it was so unbelievable to be able to visit a place that we've read about, time and time again in the Bible. The pictures don't do it justice at all--- the sheer size of all the amphitheaters and ruins were very hard to capture on camera but here they are anyway...

Next stop... Istanbul, Turkey... stay tuned!


Janelle said...

ok seriously - that's beautiful!!!
if i wasn't so deadly afraid of flying - i would LOVE to go there!
i'm so excited for you Bon that you guys got to go! what an experience!!

Jen said...

i love the picture of jon with his hair combed to the side and no product. he looks very suave and grownup. yikes. happy you kids are back in town. lets hang.

Anonymous said...

love the pic of the cafe. sooo makes me want to stop and have a latte. Love seeing the pics. Fake bath is one of my favorites.

Sparkalina said...

Welcome back Bonnie :-)

Your pics are amazing :-) I'm with sally...that cafe makes me want to stop and have a latte too :-) I love little quaint cafe's!!!

Looks like you guys had an AMAZING time... WOO HOO!!! :-)