Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Love for the Game

Monday night was spent doing something we both love to do......golf. It is such a blessing to have the same hobbies and I'm so thankful that Jon and I share the same love for sport!
What a blast to enjoy the range together. Neither of us had spectacular scores last night, but we did have a few sweet drives each and had a ton of fun playing! Plus the sun came out as soon as we arrived and it made the evening that much better.

After golf, Jen came over for Canadian Idol and then we met Jon's parents for ice-cream at the new Dairy Queen in town. The new DQ opened up pretty close to our place... it was nice not having to drive to the other side of town just to enjoy a "cool treat!"

And don't worry... I haven't forgotten about completing our vacation update...just have to narrow down the rest of the pictures. I still have to share about Istanbul, Dubrovnik, Venice & Rome so I have to be wise in my decision of what pictures to include so as not to overwhelm you :) More to come...


Jen said...

holla. hope worship practice went well tonight. i am hulling (?) strawberries. delicious :) love the pics. especially the action shot of you golfing. whoop whoop! you rock!

Anonymous said...

Lookin' good there Tiger.

Sparkalina said...

Hey Miss Bonnie :-)

So glad you are home and posting on your blog again! I just love reading your blog and missed reading it :-)

Looks like you guys had an AMAZING time away, I am so jealous! lol

I am not posting that much anymore on my blog, kinda just floated over to myspace and facebook...hehe

Well my dear, good to have you back and I pray blessings over you and Jon in Jesus name :-)



Ps - can ya post me your email addy here? been meaning to send ya something for a while! :-)

Hailey said...

Fun times! Danny and I are just getting into golfing too. Danny is better though I will admit. But I am all for the driving range. Because at the driving range I can hit however I want. We'd love to play with you guys sometime. HOLLA!