Saturday, March 10, 2007

Cruisin' and Curls

I've been wanting to post something of some substance lately, but unfortunately, today will not be the day. Its POURING rain outside, I'm in a very lazy mood and I have no idea what sort of "substance" to write about. So instead, here I am, just rambling on about nothing.
The only real news to share is that I finally got our confirmed "ports of call" for our cruise in June. For those that are interested, here is the list:
June 2- Fly to Venice
3- Venice
4- Bari, Italy
5- Katakolon, Greece
6- Izmir, Turkey (which is apparently where Ephesus is--we'll definitely be touring that!!)
7- Istanbul, Turkey
8- (Day @ Sea)
9- Dubrovnik, Croatia
10- Venice (also Jon's 25th birthday!)
11- Rome
12- Rome
13- Fly back from Rome
So there you have it. It was exciting to hear that we'll be going to Turkey because I didn't think we'd be heading there---its supposed to be pretty incredible.

In other, not so exciting news, I am getting my haircut this week. I'm a little nervous because I am trying a new hairdresser that I've never been to before. She comes HIGHLY recommended to me from my friend Brianne so I'm sure it will be fine, but as a "mop top" its always a little scary trying someone new. Some of you may have heard of the salon-- its in Abbotsford and its called Speranza. Apparently this girl is REALLY good and I'm hoping the rumours prove themselves to be true :) So I thought I'd ask for a little advice from all of you readers. I've posted a recent picture of what my hair looks like (yes...its as big as ever) and thought I'd get your feedback on what I should do with it this time. I don't want to go too short because I like the flexibility of being able to tie it back at least somewhat, but really want something fun and different. So for all you "hair experts" out there, how do you think I should get it cut? This may be a bit silly because there probably aren't that many options for someone with as much hair/curl as me, but hey, I'm interested in your opinions. I am just so bored with how my hair always looks the same. I want it to look more trendy...more fun. So please, fire away with your ideas! (Oh, and my appt. is on Wednesday, so you'll have to write in before then!)

PS: This has nothing to do with my post but I just need to make special mention to a certain "Saskatchewan road trip gang". Not to mention any names (Michelle, Carly, Geralyn, Aaron, Darren & Aaron) guys are not holding up to your end of the blogging bargain. Where are those comments you promised? How are we gonna stay in touch if you're not going to stick with your end of the deal!? I'm crushed.

PPS: Hey Lanna (aka: Sparkalina)--thanks for stopping by my blog. I'd love to come "visit" your blog but it won't let me. I clicked on your name where you left a comment and it said it wasn't available to me. Just wanted you to know that I tried to stop by to say hello but it didn't work!


Hailey said...

BON! Holy cow, your itinerary looks amazing! I am truly happy for you guys. I remember when you first got married you had dreams of travelling Europe. God is so good! He remembers our dreams...and sometimes even gives them to us for free!
I want to talk to you asap... I am trying to think when will work, tomorrow night-Sunday I think I am free from 8:30-9:45ish my time, but I will probably be starting to get ready for Niger, so you'll have to bear with me rummaging around. OR Monday night after French class at 9pm. OR maybe Wednesday around 8:30pm my time-although I bet I'll be a crazy lady at this point-hyperventalating. I will call you if I can, or you call me!
AND I am going to see if I can find some cool ideas for your hair. It is hard to think creative with curls, but one suggestion I have is that you could consider getting highlights. It doesn't really help with the whole cut issue, because you are more limited with curls style wise...But I know on TLC's "What not to Wear", the rad hair styling dude always adds highlights to curly haired people...and they always look great. I dont know what color would look best, but I know it is cheaper if you just get a few as opposed to a full head if you're worried about cost. They dont have to be blonde even, they could just be a lighter brown. It could be just the touch of trendiness you'relooking for! Well that is my initial thought, but I will try and find more ideas. LOVE YAH!

Erica said...

When in June are you going on this cruise? I will be saddened if you are already occupied on June 23... whoa is me. But that does look heinously amazing! What an itinerary you lucky ducks you! Much love my dear friends!

kathleen said...

Bonsie, oh bonsie...
your plans sound so exciting!! lookes like we're both gonna see the world this summer...
anyways, sorry i haven't called back to 'finish the conversation'...i don't even know where the past two weeks have gone...probably into the books.
anyways, hopefully after this week, things will lighten up, and we can finish our chat.
I miss you so much! good luck with the hair isn't nearly as curly as yours and i still freak out when i go to a new hairdresser!
love you!

Heidi Epp said...

Oh... amazing. I've been to only one of those places and it was incredible enough, but your going EVERYWHERE! That's unreal.

As for you hair, my sister in law, who has hair (seriously) just like yours...goes to that place (by greek islands right?) and apparently she is awesome! My hair vote is to for you to grow it long. Really long super curly hair is enviable.

See you this morning (maybe)

Anonymous said...

I've never met heidi...of the above post, but I loved her comment about super long curly hair being enviable. I know your hair may seem boring to you, but you're beautiful! To me your length of hair works. And I agree with Hailey about the highlights possibly being the fun you're looking for. But on the other hand... there's the maintenance. I say talk to your hair expert. They see a lot of heads of hair and face shapes etc. She may have just the thing you havne't thought about. If all else fails, have Jon cut it. Aaron cuts mine... and we save heaps of money. Of course I wear it up everyday. And that covers a multitude of haircutting sins. :)

Geralyn said...

hey i commented once...i think i was jealous about your trip. now i'm jealous about your trip AND your balmy weather. currently it's -1 and i was so excited that i wore capris and flip-flops to church! anyways, i check your blog daily and i almost didn't know what to do with myself when you didn't post for like 4 days! also, my aunt went to turkey not that long ago and her pictures were stunning, so you can look forward to that...also, because i'm just as cool as jon, you'll be in istanbul on MY birthday. so think of me please... anyways, how's that for a comment?

Bonnie said...

Geralyn--I must apologize. The comment should not have been directed to you because indeed, you have left a comment before. But you better guilt the rest of them for me---are they too good to comment or what!? :)
And to all that have given hair advice so far--thank you. I like the idea of the highlights--i've definitely thought about it and will seriously consider. But the only thing about growing it any longer is: 1) It takes FOREVER because it just gets curlier and curlier and grows OUT instead of DOWN, and 2) It is already SO much work and I hate how long it takes me to get ready every morning---sometimes it is just ridiculous. So anyway...I will keep your ideas in mind and will consider any other ideas that anyone might throw my way :)

Jen said...

I say layers. If this new hair dresser knows what she is doing, she can thin out your hair, give you layers, cut off a bit of length but still keep it long. You hair is beautiful. Oh, and highlights--go for it girl! We are totally friends. You know why? Because I was going to get my hair cut this week too. Wow. And, P.S. your trip looks AMAZING! Time for a happy dance. I am so excited for you. You can go on one condition: no scooters. Okay? Okay.
Oh yeah, I'm wondering why Kev thinks I'm weird too...

Cheri said...

Hey Bonnie: I couldn't see my comment on here so I apologize if you get it twice! I totally know who you are and thank you for your two cents!! I am going to see the cabinet guy tomorrow so hopefull I'll be able to decide something. I found some darker flooring and really like it so now I am trying to decide to do the light cabinets with the darker maple flooring. If I do the darker cabinets with the dark flooring I am thinking I would need to do a lighter backsplash and counter top or everything will be really dark! and I really like the countertop and backsplash. What are your opinions on the lighter cabinets, darker floors and then even darker furniture in the living room with the green accents?? workable or not? I will hopefully post a picture tomorrow of a whole door with the new flooring I found and see what I think of that, along with everyone else! I need to pick paint from the general paint variety so any colors(really looking for a brown) that you think would work good with the light cabinets, darker floors and then really dark furniture, let me know. Also wondering if you want to make bedrooms feel bigger I'm guessing you'd want a lighter wall color than floor color instead of the other way around?? Just wondering if the green I have picked is giong to feel too small in the boys' rooms, etc. Any thoughts???? Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it!! Take care and your trip looks like fun...I also totally understand your issues with your hair!! I am also feeling the EXACT same way and don't know a good hairdresser out here either, plus it's so dang expensive! But highlights are truly fun!! Maybe try that. Good luck and I look forward to hearing from you.

The Gartners said...

Bon, I'm so jealous! Think of me when you're in Greece on MY birthday! And then when you come home and are depressed, just remember that we are going to come visit you at the end of June, so you have something to look forward to...even if it's terrible compared to Europe!! I just read Cheri's comments about home decorating and just thought I'd let you know that we still have the ugliest bathroom ever...mad teenager wearing black...just thought that might put a smile on your face. Maybe one day I'll be able to send you a picture of a redone bathroom!!!

Anonymous said...

Am I too good to blog? Hmmm...that's a toughy. Either my words are far too wise for the general public to handle, or my life is so spectacular that I have not a minute to comment, but let's be honest, it's probably more that I don't want to look like a fool in front of the world. Plus there is always the intimidation of stepping into "bloggers' territory." When leaving a comment, we face the deep question:
Are we a blogger? Are we an other? Or are we simply an Anonymous...someone with virtually no identity whatsoever. Do I get a hot picture in the corner of my comment-NO. Do I get a link to my own exciting story where I can share the adventures of my life-NO. So, YOU are asking ME if I'M too good to blog?
So, to comment: Super-duper pumped (though jealous) for your trip. Bruce is going to Rome in 3 weeks...for free (Oh, the perks of being a Secondary School Principal). I'll ask him how it was, let you guys know, and then you can decide if you still want to go or not.
We miss you was so good to see you.
Love your favorite "anonymous"...
FYI-The NCAA Bracket is out...let the madness begin!

Sparkalina said...

Hey Bonnie,

Gosh that's so annoying my blog didn't work. I'll post the addy here for you. I do warn you though, I've only just started blogging, so not many posts there yet.

I think your hair is sooo nice :) but I do understand, I have naturally curly hair and I use that lovely straightener every day *laughs*

Anyways..SOO nice to meet you and SOO look forward to hearing back from you.



Ps - you don't have msn messenger do you?

Jen said...

Oh yes..please post a picture when you get your hair done!

Janell said...

hey Bonnie!
well, I'm not a hair expert.. or even close, so I'll leave that one alone. You look hot, thats all i got. anyways, the trip... wow, that's awesome. so excited for you! and jealous.... good things my friend! hey, Jared's CD came out, let me know if you want one :)

Sparkalina said...

Thanks for your comment Bonnie about the essays!!! I am just feeling so overwhelmed, I actually don't know where to begin..ya know??? Gosh!!! Just feel like crying :oP

Did you end up getting your hair done??? :) Would love to see a pic!!

Blessings my new friend,


Ps - you don't have msn messenger dya? :)

Bonnie said...

Hey Lanna...I do but I NEVER use it. Sorry...just too busy! And "hair day" is tomorrow...I promise to post pictures when its done!

Cheri said...

Hey Bonnie: Thanks for all your input. I thought I had it all figured out but then I went to my friend's place today and they are doing alder cabinets with a tusccan stain. They are also doing a dark almost black countertop and then a lighter backsplash which I didn't see and a lighter brownish greeny yellow paint. It looked so nice so far that I sort of wanted to change mine to the darker cabinets. I'm just not sure if the whole blended look will be what I want. However, I think that with the darker cabinets and flooring, it won't be such a huge contrast then with the darker furniture in the living room and I could go a bit lighter on the walls which would then bring out the green accents more, etc. What are your thoughts?

Leah Noelle said...

definitely post a pic of your new hair! as a fellow curly haired person, i understand your concern with a new hairdresser! hopefully it'll all come out okay! but i have always had short hair, and there's not much difference from one short hair cut to the next. but the long hair cut is an issue, of course. your cruise sounds amazing, i know you guys will have a fun time! what a fabulous opporunity for you 2 to travel!