Sunday, February 25, 2007


The weekend started off well. I got off work early on Friday, which is always a nice thing, and headed straight into Abbotsford to pick up my friend Brianne from work. We then headed over to the job site that the guys are currently working on to take them coffee--which they greatly enjoyed :)
<------ The top picture is of the house they just finished framing and the bottom is the one they're just starting on :)
Once the guys finished work we all went to Red Robin for a yummy dinner and then watched a movie at Todd & Brianne's.

Saturday was fabulous! We slept in, got some stuff done at home and then drove down to Bellingham to do a bit of shopping and meet some friends for dinner.

This is how we killed the time waiting for our friends to arrive :) Jon couldn't resist a racecar like this! was an awesome evening because my friend Izzy and I hadn't seen each other since our wedding in August '05 and Jon and I had not yet met her boyfriend. (Izzy and I were roommates at Capernwray NZ---I love her to BITS!!)
Iz and Ryan took us to a great little pub called the "Boundary Bay Brewery and Bistro"--- for those that live out here, we definitely recommend it! Great food, beer and atmosphere :)

SOOOOO good to see you again Iz! Love ya and can't wait to hangout again soon!

Today was another nice day-- much more low-key. Went to church, napped and went into Abbotsford to see "Music and Lyrics." It was a pretty cute movie but I must admit that I am still not a huge Drew Barrymore fan (actually never have been). I LOVE Hugh Grant so it was worth seeing but it just wasn't quite as good as I had thought it would be. Not bad, just not great in my opinion.

The only other thing to report is the latest on "the cruise." Just so you know, they did get us booked in time, though it was a VERY close call. Apparently they were having a tough time even getting enough cabins for people that had confirmed at the end of January. Thankfully they worked some magic and got us in. But the only bad part is that we only have to the end of February to earn towards Jon's ticket. February 28 is the last day of "earning travel dollars," so it looks like we will have to pay a portion for the trip. This was a bit disappointing because I thought we would have at least another month of "earning" but its not the end of the world. I will be putting in a pretty big order this week so hopefully that will bring down the price. Either way, its a small price to pay for what we are getting. I'm still waiting for our itinerary and more details but they have given me some information. ALL flights are included (which is awesome 'cause I thought we might have to pay for them) and the only thing we will have to pay for on the cruise is drinks & gratuity. Not bad at all!! And from what my boss has been telling me, the "for sure" places we will be going are Venice, Debrovnik, Greece and Rome...there may be others but those are the ones we know of so far. The really cool part is that the cruise is June 2-13 and Jon's birthday is on the 10th...we'll most likely be celebrating his 25th birthday in Greece!! How cool is that!? :) He's pretty stoked to say the very least.
I'll keep you posted as things progress.


Anonymous said...

You got to see Izzy? Does she live in Bellingham? We have friends that live there and it's one of the places we might consider moving. So to hear Izzy lives there is so great! Do keep in good contact with her? Info! I need info. I think I've only been in touch with her like 2 times since NZ.

I'm so excited for you to go on your cruise. My sister used to live in Croatia. She loved Debrovnik. Bonnie, it's so great that you two get to have such a fantastic adventure.

Oh and I am so pumped that we have a plan to meet in August! Prayer and Coffee it is. It's been forever!

Ruth said...

why are you and izzy looking in opposite directions in your picture? :-) glad you got to hangout with her and meet ryan. how'd you like him? if they ever get married I will take credit for all of it. after all i was the one that introduced them!!

Bonnie said...

Hey Ruth!
We aren't looking in different directions on purpose!! :) Ryan was taking a picture at the same time Jon neither of us knew which one to look at first! Which meant we ended up looking in the opposite direction :) Oh well.....and yes, we HIGHLY approve of Ryan!! He was awesome. And just perfect for Iz...and don't worry, she gave you FULL credit for hooking them up :)
Hey, do you have a blog? When I clicked on your name it wouldn't let me go to it....

Ruth said...

hey, no i don't have a blog. I haven't moved up to that yet. I prefer to stick with involves less writing. :-) but maybe i'll give in one day, when i have tim...haha...whatever that is.