Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Date Night to Top all Date Nights!!

So I must admit that I often feel as though my blogging is a little dull and meaningless--even "uneventful." But last night's date night left me with lots to post about. This was a date night like no other. And not necessarily in an entirely good way. Here's what happened.

The evening started out great. We went into Abby, did a litle shopping -- the mall wasn't busy which was an added bonus. Then we had a really nice dinner at Milestone's -- ended it with a delicious gelato/espresso dessert. So far, everything was perfect. We then headed to TownCentre Cinemas to watch "The Holiday" (which I have been DYING to see...I've heard so many good things about it.) We got our popcorn & drink, and found our seats. The movie was great! And it was ALMOST done, probably only another 30-45 min. left, and suddenly... the fire alarm goes off. At first, nobody in the theatre moved. And I'm pretty sure we were all thinking the same thing, "I paid for this movie & I want to see the ending!" :) But then the theatre staff came in and starting yelling for everyone to exit the building immediately. I heard some people yelling that they wanted their money back (which we were also thinking) and the staff said they would deal with it once everyone was in the parking lot. So, we all made our way outside (in the ridiculously cold wind) and waited for instruction. We waited for quite a while and nobody was telling us what to do, so we got in line again at the front of the building. Then a fire truck rolled up and 3 or 4 firefighters made their way into the theatre (they didn't seem too concerned, so i'm guessing they were there to turn off the alarm and do standard checks). As we were standing in line, I overheard, who I assume was the manager of the theatre, yelling at a group of young guys. Soon they went marching by us looking quite sheepish, with the manager hot on their heels. I peered around the crowd to see what was going on and all I could see was the group of them yelling back and forth with this manager, just inside the doors. By this time we had made it to the front of the line and got our two "free" movie passes (we thought we should have got our $ back & free passes, but whatever). No one told us exactly what had happened so we decided to head home. But I am guessing those kids had done something stupid, which cost us the end of our movie.
And yes, I am just a little bitter because now we either have to go and spend another $8/ea and watch the entire movie over again, or wait 'til it comes out on DVD which won't be for quite a while-- neither of those options thrill me.

Anyway...we headed home. And then as we turned onto Yale Rd. in Chilliwack (our road is just off of Yale) we see an ambulance, police car & tow truck...somebody had had an accident. (oh, and it didn't look serious, no one was hurt). By this point we had to laugh a bit, because we had now seen every single type of emergency vehicle in the span of one evening. Finally, we turned onto our road, only to discover that the neighbourhood looked ominously dark. "NO WAY!!...don't tell me our power is out!"....oh yes Bonnie, it most certainly is. So to end our evening, we had to try to go to sleep in our freezing cold house, with the most intense storm we've had yet, blowing heinously outside. Not exactly what I had pictured for our date night but hey, at least I got a story out of it :) And thankfully our roof did manage to stay on.

So I am writing this from my in-law's place because it is now 3:30pm on Saturday and our power has been out since 9:30pm last night. I sure hope they get it figured out by the time we head home tonight or we'll be sleeping elsewhere, that's for sure!

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thatsagoodmeatball said...

Ahh! Crazy night alright. And I know also first hand at how cold your place can be as my friends lived there just before you two moved in. It was always freezing inside, it seemed! I hope your power comes on soon...when ours goes out, it's still warm, so I have nothing to complain about!

Nice view too (the shot in the last post)! It's so pretty out there.