Friday, October 27, 2006

Autumn has arrived...

Fall is definitely here for us in BC. It really hit me this week, that our hot summer days are gone for another year, and fall is here to replace it. I do love the summer and could handle hot weather all year round, but every time autumn comes, I realize that it is without a doubt, my favorite season. And fall is different for us this year. Now that we are living out in the country, we see so much more of God's beautiful creation and its incredible to watch the leaves change. I have been blown away by God's attention to detail in nature every time I drive down our little windy, country road on my way home from work. The street is lined with HUGE trees with vibrant leaves of orange, and red and yellow. It is simply amazing.
The other thing I love about fall is the crisp air. I love it when its not warm, but its not cold and you just need to wear a sweater outside... I am a lover of sweaters. And the smell. Everything smells so refreshing.
I went for a walk down our road today, and as I breathed in the fresh air, I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed with God's goodness. He didn't have to create this world, but He chose to and He makes it beautiful for us to enjoy. And by that, I am truly blessed.


kathleen said...

do you know how much I love you? like, actually.
Dang,'s a lot.
I want to talk to you so week is going to be lighter I hope...even if it's not...we're talking. you...

jamie said...

beautiful pictures! the leaves sure are amazing! fall is my second favourite season, if you could swim and sunbathe in fall, it would defintely be my fav.
anyway, re: next wednesday, pretty sure it works for me, i am just waiting to find out from a girl at school when we have to interview this person, so if it happens to be on wednesday than NO DEAL. hopefully its not.. anyway! the pictures of konrad and the giraffe are adorable!!! (im sorry that sounds rude saying "the giraffe" but i cannot remember his sisters name...ava?am i close?) They are both so cute!!! i want a little neice baby. anyway! peace out girl.

thatsagoodmeatball said...

Such nice photos! Wow, I do miss Canada when I am reminded of the colours! It's just plain hot and humid here. It doesn't vary much from that either...(but I do have the beach...)