Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Another busy but great weekend...

What an eventful week and weekend it was! (I know its already late into the week but i'll post this anyway). Ok, so I will try to give you as brief a recap as possible. The action began on Friday when Jon FINALLY quit his job at the tree nursery he's been working at for the past year and a bit. This was SO exciting in fact, that we went out for a lovely celebration dessert night with Todd & Brianne, to the very yummy "After Thoughts" in Abbotsford. Now you may be wondering, "why is it so good that Jon quit? Well, it wasn't the greatest working environment for him, and he was given TONS of responsiblity but received very little respect for the hard work that he put in. To sum it up, just a really bad situation-- not good for Jon as an individual, and not good for us as a couple! It was a very good feeling to know that he would not have to go back anymore! So on Saturday, we celebrated a bit more with a trip to IKEA!

Here's Jon---can you tell how excited he is that he just finished his last day of work!?

Not only is IKEA good for home decor (and we did get some sweet stuff!), but its always a great place to get HUGE & very delicious Swedish chocolate bars :) What can I say...I could live off chocolate!

Then Sunday Jon and I joined the rest of his family for a WHL hockey game here in Chilliwack. We are now the hometown to the Chilliwack Bruins! It was a lot of fun even though the Bruins lost! Konrad especially enjoyed himself! But I think poor Ava was a tad bored as you can see from the pictures :)

And last but not least, it was my dad's birthday on Monday so we celebrated at my parents' place. Mom got a great "golf" cake--just perfect for Dad! Happy Birthday Pops and hope you have a great fifty sixth year! Oops.....did I say 56? I meant 36th...right Dad!? ;)

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Jen said...

Aww..Say Happy belated birthday to your dad for me!! This past week, I saw someone who looked like your mom and someone who looked like your dad! (maybe I'm just having some Glen withdrawl??!!) How are your parents anyway? Are they loving the 'wack? Love the picture of you with the chocolate. Yum yum. I too, could live off chocolate...